twas the saturday before Christmas

a busy day yesterday
for some of us

a lot
 of plans 
 of things 
to get done
 to do
 a sick friend
 to visit

 how easy
 it is
 to put off
 til tomorrow
what you mean to do today

 I called my friend Wendy
 who was recently discharged
 from Sloane Kettering
its her birthday

I wondered if she was up for a quick visit
I got her laughing
 she wasnt up to a visit 

 after that
 it was easy
 to just
 put off 
some of the 
to dos

My friend Donna and I went to Bergdorf Goodman
 to return something
 their Fifth Avenue windows
 are incredible

 here are a few iPhone snaps
 of the opulent Roaring Twenties themed windows

 it was cold
 snow showering
 on/off all morning
 the Saturday before Christmas
 streets werent as crowded 
as I would have expected

where we went next 
was not very crowded

  In fact 
we decided to lunch
 at Fred's
 without a reservation

 there was a mere 10 minute wait!

 we each had a lovely glass of Proseco along with our lunch

Barney's teamed with Disney
as their theme this holiday season

last year they partnered with Lady GaGa

 here's a peek
 at the video
Barney's Madison Avenue windows

 Mickey and Minnie 
go to Paris
 for the runway shows
 Mickey buys Minnie a designer dress
 for Christmas

If you are in the city
 you must 
stop and watch
 the whole video 
you must take time
the Bergdorf windows 
they are truly spectacular

here's a video for those who won't get to see it in person


  1. Never a dull moment for fashionistas in New York, I guess. I'm sure I did some things today. Oh yes, we shopped online for a new refrigerator. I think we made a decision after Dick compared all the specs, and all the discounts, and did the math (not my job, man) and I looked for a hotel in Bologna, Italy, although he now says he doesn't want to go there. Of course we're going to Italy, but the list of cities is ever-changing.
    Oh,and I slept late, so I got off to a late start. Can't expect too much out of me then, a couple of poems, a couple of photos, found a new website for small house designs. Fun things like that.
    Wishing a super holiday season, Daryl, to you and yours.
    Luv, K

  2. I love those Bergdorf windows! Sounds like a wonderful day.

  3. Sooo gorgeous. Just love the man dipping the woman while dancing. What a window of eye candy those NY stores give to all of you. Nice!

  4. Thank you thank you for the peek at the windows! Something I've always wanted to do...visit the city at Holiday time. The Bergdorf windows are gorgeous!
    The kids have changed their plans and will be with us on Christmas Eve, so that means I need to get busy (was going to be a quiet day, just the two of us) and start cooking, cleaning, wrapping. Maybe even put up a tree?

    Love the first pic, so sweet! I'm so glad the boys are bonding!

  5. Another stop we must do next week. And poor Wendy ~

  6. glad you were able to give your friend a giggle or two. the shop windows do sound like a fun holiday tradition. i like the idea the cats have too ;)

  7. Like many others, I have always imagined walking through NYC before Christmas and looking at all the beautiful windows. Kind of worrisome that people weren't out shopping. An experience in your stores can't be replicated by online shopping, I'm sure.

    I made fudge last night. Oh it's good:-)

  8. What a great urban adventure. I love snapping shots of window displays, when I could find them.

  9. I'm sooo jealous...
    the best of everything to shoot in New York.!!!

  10. Just watched the video, fab to have a magic curtain you walked through and it made you all tall and modelesque haha!

  11. I feel like I've taken a wonderful walk through the city with you, Daryl. Once long ago, I was lucky enough to visit NY before Christmas - it is a rare treat. I do love your kitties - they seem to have the right idea!

  12. Oh my goodness, thank you for posting these!!
    There is nothing like NYC at Christmas, as you have so beautifully shown here.

    P.S. The little guys are waiting for Santa!! :-)

  13. I love the shots with your reflection!! Hoping your friend is feeling much better after your visit ♥

    The window displays! Unlike anything I've ever seen!! xoxox

  14. I am telling my kids about the windows! The younger son and his fiancee arrived in the city early this morning for a week with the older son in Brooklyn. I know they're going to a Nets game on Christmas and they're going to Rockefeller Center so Allie can ice skate. I'm excited for them.

  15. Thanks so much for sharing Christmas in New York! The windows are marvelous.

    Wishing you a very Merry Christmas, and your friend a speedy recovery.

  16. Proseco, lunch and! Sorry to hear about your friend Wendy though. xo


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