slowing it down

my week off
 getting away from me

 I need to slow it down

 I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas 
if you celebrate

 if not 
I hope
 you had a nice day
 a nice dinner 

 speaking of dinner
 my friend Donna cooked
she always cooks amazing holiday meals
 this was a first
 a venture
 into new recipes
 she kept saying
 'its all new to me so if its not good just wait there will another course coming'

 lets see what did we have

first off
 champagne or proseco
 to toast 
good friends and family
 being together
 to those no longer with us

 then some chit chat while the cook, er, chef finished things up

please do not enlarge these photos
 most are crap
 not focused
 should be deleted
 I took the new D7000 with the 35mm with me
 I need to learn to stand stiller
 to not slam down the shutter
 I need to concentrate
 so things are in focus

 when I did
 those things
 the photos
made me smile

like this

not so these that follow

come on lets sit down

amazing Sicilian egg drop soup
 that's the best description
 it was delicious
 a salad
 finely chopped celery and green olives 

pasta primavera
squat thick macaroni
 chunks of seasonal veggies
 like eggplant 

wonderful crisp garlic bread

a choice
filet migon and/or swordfish
 cooked under a blanket of spinach, mushrooms, onions delish

wash it down with lots of lovely wine
 then indulge in eggnog pie
you do not explode!

while you are digesting the menu
 I am entertaining
 friends from out of town
 today and tomorrow
  all our adventures 
will be recapped 

see you later


  1. Oh you are making me so hungry. That's not good, after midnight!

  2. So happy you had a wonderful Christmas and a fine meal! Enjoy your company, can't wait to hear all-

  3. Eggnog pie...sounds great!
    Yes, had a lovely Christmas with the little family up on the Sunshine coast.
    Hope you are having a wonderful time with friends Daryl.
    All the best. Annie.

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  5. Could see the rich possible abilities of your new equip. But now am hungry!

  6. Sounds like an amazing meal with wonderful friends. You'll get the hang of the new camera in no time, I'm sure.

  7. Sounds like a wonderful meal enjoyed with friends.

  8. Sounds like a GREAT dinner. And that shot of the candle is fantastic.

  9. I think I put on a kilo just reading that menu Daryl!! What fun you did have..enjoy the decaf haha!

  10. What a meal! Great shot on the candle. I've found taking pics at dinner parties and restaurants and such to be difficult unless I just go off by myself for a few minutes because it does take a few moments to compose the shot, focus, breathe, and take two or three shots from different angles. Hard to do while people are trying to get seated or if you have to help with the prep.

  11. That dinner sounded fantastic! Keep working on that whole new camera thing - you will certainly get the hang of it!

  12. the candle is beautiful
    your worst photo is still art :)

  13. Daryl, sounds like a wonderful meal! You made my mouth water!

  14. Ummmm. Wow. Would not have been able to move after all that food!!

    Glad you had a wonderful time :)

  15. Sooooo yummy sounding.
    Thank you for bringing us along with you!

  16. Have a wonderful time with your friends...

  17. Sounds like an absolutely delightful holliday! I am stil recuperating from our family fest...and car shopping since one of our cars decided to call it quits:(

  18. Beautiful and elegant way to celebrate the season! xo


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