randomly thinking

on the street in Yellow Springs, Ohio

 really excellent
 this past week
 I came home
 to an empty refrigerator

Fresh Direct
 Island Burger
 I worship 
their churrasco

 last night
 my dinner
 was a Fresh Direct
 grilled chicken breast
 to moist perfection
 a side
 Zabar's potato latke

  I took so many photos of food
 I was thinking
starting a blog
 that features
 a single photo a day
some plate
 I've eaten

 I remembered
 these two blogs
 taxing my creativity

 you can now get your daily dose of me via email
 I installed a
 up there
 on the right
 just under
 last nights menorah candles
(wait is it night's or nights?)

by the way
my mother's
(that one I knew)

 its a biach to clean

Cincinnati photos
 to share 
at Through My Eyes

still haven't 
picked the photo
 for our holiday card
 this year
 it might
 end up a 
New Year greeting

 back to the two blog thing
 I am
 to merge
 the two blogs
 some sort
 gawd I cant wait to see what she posted today 

how's that for not setting the bar too high


  1. A lot of messages behind this car !
    Best regards from Paris...


  2. Hope you had a wonderful time in Cincinnati!
    I enjoy both blogs, try to go here first thing each morning for a smile or two...

  3. Either way, D, I always leave your blog with a smile!! And it continues while looking at your Instagram pics!! So funny, I lived in Ohio from the time I was four until I was eighteen...and never knew that Cincinnati was an artsy town. Not that I spent a lot of time there. Now, I want to go!! Look forward to seeing what you do with your blogs!

  4. I wanted to wish you a Happy Hannukah. The blogs? You will figure it out and we will all still enjoy your daily blog fodder and photos.

  5. whatever/however you post it's always wonderful

    I love that bumper, so cool when you can tell what kind of person is driving

    did you have some applesauce too?

  6. I can't quite make it out. What's behind the menorah? Is it candies?

  7. I always take photos of my food when on a trip. My friends are used to poising their forks in mid-air, and then I say, "Okay, you can eat now."

    Sorry to be absent a bit from blogging. Recent death in the family has been taking a lot of my time.

    Happy Hanukkah to you.

  8. Just as long as I get my daily dish , I don't mind
    how you serve it... separately or together ...

    I love food photos... but if I did one a day then it would look
    very repetitious most days... love my tea and toast.

    Glad you are back safely !!

    Now I need to grab the e mail thingie.............

  9. Love that sticker about mothers - so true!

    Merging your two blogs would give you more free time?

  10. Came here because I couldn't WAIT to see what you posted today. Relax ~

  11. Daryl, all signed up! Just so you know, I enjoy both your blogs, daily! I try to comment each day, but may not some days, but I'm there! Looking forward to the new venture!

  12. ditto what Country Girl said! & i love your Menorah. i have to go add something to my blog now. Glad you had a good time Daryl and are home safe and sound.

  13. that's a lot of bumper stickers! and now i can't help but recall an NPR report i heard a long time ago about how some researcher discovered a correlation between bumper stickers and road rage. the more stickers, the more inclined to road rage. didn't matter what the sentiments they expressed were, just sheer number. funny huh?

  14. Sounds like a plan!! (One blog).
    Looking forward to it.
    I made latkes last night, from scratch. Yup, grated the potatoes and everything. Turned out good, but so glad I only grate once a year! :-)

  15. you can change the furniture, but we'll be here if Danish Modern or Chintz!

    I already wonder what you'll get up to next, LOL

    Wishing YOU
    an Aloha-filled week, from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  16. merge away! I would never have the time or energy to keep two blogs going!

    That car. Exactly how long to they think I have to read ALL that??

  17. I would pay money for your food photos in a blog. We just don't get the good food down here, at least not the variety that you do. Seafood, yes. Southern/home/country cookin', sure.

    Sushi? No.


  18. Merge! I can barely keep up with one blog, I'm not sure how you manage two! And yeah, tell me about the de-waxing ... not my favorite job.

  19. I already can't wait to see what you've posted Daryl, so no worries there!!

  20. Whatever you do, I'll be happy :) I see your blog on Google Reader...maybe I should do the email thingy too.

    I think I would love potato latkes!


  21. No idea how you've kept two going! I can hardly post for one! Looking forward to what you come up with. Xo


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