leader of the pack

I had the week off
 it wasnt a week 
of lolling about
 friends came into town
 from Virginia
from Maryland
 we ate
 we drank
 we walked
 we walked
 we ate
 we drank
 we walked some more 
we also took cabs
 lots of photos 

we went
to the Top of the Rock
 looked out
 over NYC
 some of NJ

 a day
 that started off
 with rain
 turned into a lovely evening

  good friends
 good times

 after a lunch
 Amsterdam Avenue
 we were
our way
 to wander
the windows
Fifth Avenue

 I spotted
 these pups
 waiting for their owner? 
their dog walker?

 Cafe Con Leche 
I am guessing
 he or she
fueling up

 it was cold out there