how did you not explode?

 you will be asking
 at the end of this post

 I am going to admit
after a glass of Malbec
 on Friday evening
 I didnt care
 if I took photos of the food
 or not 

 I only had the iPhone
 in fact
 all the food fotos 
are iPhone-otos
 possibly a new word

 lunch at Land on Thursday
perfect size portions

 fried calamari may be my favorite food

after our adventures at Top of the Rock
we went to dinner

chicken soup took the chill off

there were Gingerbread people for sale
Sugar and Plumm's bakery

we went to brunch

 which by the way 

brunch on a weekday

Ditch Plains

fried jalapeño rings

cheddar jalapeño biscuits

salt water taffy
accompanied the check
included a dentist recco
it didn't
I am kidding

we walked off brunch 
in Central Park
but not before stopping 
 Dinosaur with wreath 
on the steps
Museum of Natural History

Toonman says
 if I would crop it
 just so
would be a whole other photo

we walked through the park

down to 72nd Street
take the obligatory

Strawberry Fields photo

the crowd at the
 Imagine mosaic 

after the park
 a cornfield segue was necessary
we were headed to Times Square 
fortunately that's
my office 

back home to regroup before cabbing it to 
which sits on the 9th floor of the Museum of Arts and Design our table looked out over Columbus Circle and up north over Central Park

this photo was taken last year the evening before Thanksgiving

we had some amazing food
as I said 
I didnt get any photos 
the entrees or salads

 I am betting
 Kate did
 check out her blog

I did get some dessert shots 

 before and after
a chocolate mousse with a raspberry on top
'gifted' to us by the chef!

 hazelnut ice cream

carrot cake 
those are actual carrot slices
 cherry ice cream

 ricotta dough balls
 lightly fried 
dusted with sugar 
three dipping sauces
 dark chocolate
 white chocolate
 salty caramel 

I actually weighed myself this morning
 I may be fasting until 2013


  1. Oh, what an adventure! ;-) I'm envious! My Oregon kids went to Katz's Deli and a pastry shop in the city....the day they went to Times Square. No Central Park this trip, but they have determined to return to NYC "sooner rather than later." Our oldest son loved having his brother and the fiancee' spend 6 days with him.

  2. Yeah, fried calamari would be in my last banquet, but all DAT looked surrealist good. You make me feel like
    I,v done all that and am happily exhausted. Thanks for a supper time. Aloha

  3. Fried Calamari IS one of my most favorite foods in the whole entire world!! Holy Cow! There is a whole lot of good food in this post!! Beautiful pics Daryl!! Happy New Year!
    xo Jeanne

  4. I gained 50 pounds these past few days, although the walking definitely helped.

    I wish we had a picture of Sam's smoked octopus appetizer!

    Robert was fabulous as was the whole trip - including the side trip to your office.

    Thank you once again.

  5. I refuse to get on the scales until well into the new year, when I've been dieting for a few weeks. LOL

  6. It all looks so delicious, I would probably have to try it all, but mostly the bombolini. Yummy!

  7. Everything looks so good and I'm so envious of the whole adventure:)
    I'm also in awe of you - being able to maneuver your way thru those crowds of people on your way to work!
    I agree with the ToonMan
    Have a Very Happy New Year!

  8. I am sure I gained a pound or two just reading this! :-)
    Sure sounds like you were busy enough to work most of it off though.
    Everything looks so yummy!

  9. I totally agree with Toonman. It's all I see in that picture. Oh, and I am not going to weigh myself. The end. xoxo

  10. Now why did you go and ruin it all by weighing yourself? These are wonderful! I didn't get many food shots but I will check and see.

  11. What a delicious tour of your day! Thank you for bringing me along. I LOVE the feet on those dessert bowls!

  12. Oh my goodness gracious sakes alive!

    Wonderful post!

    Happy New Year's Eve! (watching Earthcam of Times Square) MMS


  13. Daryl, my goodness you guys eat a lot! What huge fun! You really got my mouth watering!
    Hope you have a great New Years Eve! Are you going to Times Square, or is that square!

  14. Oh Wow! YUM!

    Found you through Kate a long time back. Love your blog and your photos! I'm a country girl, so shots of the city capture my imagination!

    Happy New Year to you!

  15. lots of yumminess there! and i have to say, i think toonman is right about the dino photo!

  16. Stopping by to say HAPPY NEW YEAR! So glad I have found your blog. Really entertaining and fresh! FUN! Thanks so much for sharing your life...Wishing you the very best in the coming year!

  17. So many tasty treats that you're tempting me with! Happy New Year and I hope 2013 brings you happiness and joy.

  18. OMG not only am I exhausted after reading this, but I've put on at least two kilos, thanks heaps Daryl..Sounds like the best New Years celebrations ever, so NY!! Very best wishes for 2013, I can feel a fabulous year coming on!!

  19. For me (and my husband fortunately), traveling and the holidays are all about the food:) This mini vacation certainly would have fit the bill! Yummy! Fortunatly there is always a lot of walking in NYC...


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