City Daily Photo Theme Day - My Street

that was taken
 on the street
 where I live

 I was going to take a long shot
 looking up the street 
so you could see all of it
as always 
well intentioned
 tho I may be
 things often don't get done
 don't get done in a timely way

 last night
 as I sat looking through the hundreds of photos
 I have taken
 I couldn't find a single one
 of the entire street 
 I know 
I have
 in the past
 stood down 
near the park
 looking up the 'hill'
 that is West 80th Street

 this shot
 was likely 
taken a year ago
 the ginkgo trees 
right now
 are looking 
much like these

all the falling leaves 
the street
  a lovely gold

 if you want to see more photos
 from this month's theme
 click here

  should prove interesting
 this month 
 there was some concern 
about posting photos
people's actual streets and privacy

I don't know about you
 I do know
 that I don't worry about things
 like posting photos
 of where I live

 I hardly think
 any crazed blog reader
 will come knocking at my door
 blogging and privacy 
don't seem to go
 hand in hand

 many bloggers 
use aliases
 for themselves and their families
 wont post 
family photos 
 they blog
 about the most personal things
 a while back
 I read a blog
 where the blogger
 went on and on 
about her husband's
 odd habit 
of only peeing out doors

there was the blogger
 who let the world know
 her 4 year old
breast feeding

 there was
 the lovelorn blogger
 who claimed 
to have swallowed
 a ton of aspirin
 was at the time of writing
 aborting her pregnancy
 oh wait 
she was lying

you know
 I think about it
 I should be more worried


  1. Now you've got me wanting to see the entire street!
    So what is it you should be more worried about? I'm willing to bet you're not a candidate for an aspirin abortion, right? So relax. Fret thee not.
    Luv, K

  2. Weird and bizarro things that bloggers will reveal yet won't put up a personal pic..Lovely ginkgo trees, just love the shape of their leaves.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Nice shot, I started using an alias when I started and I've just kept it because I like the names Yogi, SuperPizzaBoy, and Sweetie and besides they are our geocaching handles also. By now everybody knows who I am. And there is a long time blogger in Tulsa, Michael Bates who has Batesline as his blog and I don't want to intrude on him and I want to keep my own identity also. I have a friend here in Tulsa who has a now defunct mommy blog where she posted pics of her nude four year old son (with little tiny dots to cover up his privates) and was she ever shocked when she found out that she had so many page views on her blog because the preverts were visiting it pretty regularly. I still don't know what she was thinking. The thing is the way the internet is out there, those pics are now on other sites and there is nothing that she can do about it.

  4. Absolutely love this post... your writing is spot on..
    humor and sarcasm... hands down you are the BESTEST !!
    and I promise to only softly tap on your door some time
    in the future.......


  5. You make me smile, my friend, and this is a wonderful photo.
    Love these buildings.

  6. I like this photo and would love to take a stroll down your street on a beautiful sunny day with autumn leaves softly falling.

  7. Oh, I was thinking as I saw your CDP thumbnail, it makes me think me of NYC...and it is! Beautiful building and beautiful capture, in the best city:)

  8. lol, maybe we do need to worry more after reading all those accounts! i'm very open too and not too worried about privacy...i don't think someone will track me down from the net...that kind of stuff can easily happen from a creepy person following me home from kroger in my opinion. but that's just me!
    great shot! and i too don't finish things in a timely manner...stuff sneaks up on me then it's too late, hence the shot yesterday afternoon from my front yard lol....

  9. My blog-invisible husband says I should NOT post about how the guy in my mom's building peed on her parked car from the third floor so I guess I won't. That and using a 30 year old pic of myself will protect me right, Dar?

    Aloha Blessings
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~
    ~ ~ ~ <°)333><( ~ ~ ~

    1. And I do love your neighborhood(as above), and your very personal, textured shots - but you KNEW that!

  10. Daryl, beautiful shot!
    I'm with you on the privacy deal! I think it's got blown way out of proportion. I think it's only the people who have something to hide that worry about it!

  11. I look at these for the water towers, mostly but this is outstanding.

  12. Great photo and text. I like that you addressed the subject. I've been online with phone numbers and addresses for business and personal stuff for 16 years and never even gotten a crank phone call because of it, so I am always curious when people get freaked by putting out their phone numbers and such. It seems the media has made people afraid of the Internet. Of course, now that I've said this. . . .

  13. I wouldn't put out super personal information such as phone number or exact address but for the most part, I'm not worried about revealing my general location or identity. I think those who haven't posted photos of themselves or their names are more concerned about protecting the privacy of family members, or not being linked to their workplace.

  14. Yes, one never knows what goes on behind such windows. Picture looks as if painted. Great work. Please have a good new month ahead.

  15. A very thought provoking read to go along with a beautiful photo. Nicely done indeed!

  16. For a long time I never even mentioned my name. Well, not my last name. And I think your street is pretty, especially down your end near Riverside Drive.

  17. pretty little glimpse of your street and it is interesting to see what different people will or won't reveal...

  18. People are just weird. ;)

    Lovely brick, and the yellow leaves offset it beautifully.

  19. I struggle with privacy thing. Mr. BFR doesn't want his name in my posts and comments, so I respect that. But in NYC? I really doubt someone is going to figure exactly which of hundreds of residences is yours. I love the bowed brickwork.

  20. Lovely shot Daryl.
    Took so long for the comment page to come up I went outside and did some gardening in the cool of the early morning.
    Now I have forgotten what I was going to say!

    Left the front door unlocked while I was out there..argh.
    Since I did get broken into a while ago when away, am super vigilant now.
    Have the shingles. Supposed to be taking things easy. Not so easy.

    Now I remember, I was going to say, when I saw your photo, that I thought you'd gone up to the Cloisters (of course I didn't see the subject line). Have you ever been up to the Cloisters? I am sure you would have. Was one of my favorite places up there while visiting my little family.

    I miss NYC. ;-(

  21. This part of your street is beautiful! I love gingko trees...gorgeous color.

    I am sure I shouldn't feel this way but for some reason I am much more reluctant to comment on Facebook than on Instagram or on blogs...not sure why that is!

  22. I'll have my son who lives over on 75th keep an eye out for the lady on 80th who will probably have a camera in her face. Thanks for giving me a glimpse of his world.

  23. WHAT! breastfeeding at four, now that's just so wrong hahaha! Yeh I heard too that there was a bit of hooha about the theme, people get their knickers in a knot about the strangest things oui! I love this little glimpse of your street with the Gingko trees, thanks Daryl.

  24. This has me laughing out loud! It is amazing what people blog about. I never go back and read what mine said years ago. It's too scary LOL

    I'm still giggling and I thank you for giving me a glimpse of your street and mentioning you have a hill...MMS


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