water towers

another iPhone shot 
looking up
 old and newer
 water tank/tower

I did a lot of reading
 this past weekend
 as a defense
 the non stop football

it was a lovely escape into fantasy
 into the past

 when I was a kid
 The Aunt
 my dad's sister
 who I was close to
 was a great reader
 one of her guilty pleasures
Georgette Heyer novels

 do you know Georgette Heyer?
to read about her

 she wrote romance novels
 set in the Regency era
 in London
 a time of manners
 the time of Jane Austin
 they were
 The Aunt
 loved those books
 so much
 when she passed
 her daughter-in-law
 one of The Aunt's favorite Heyer novels into The Aunt's casket 
we also did something
will find insane

 we poured a cup of hot black coffee
 over the closed casket
 The Aunt
 coffee hot and black

  it made all of us smile

I didnt read any Heyer this past weekend
 I read
 a series 3 books
 by Anna Godbersen
 click here

  they were a little more risqué 
than Heyer's books
 not quite Shades of Grey
 for sure
 less innocent
the originals

 they were a quick fun read
if you want to escape
 New York in 1899
 this is your ticket!


  1. thanks for the tip - I love a good escapist type read!

  2. Many years ago I read Georgette Heyer...loved them! Will add the Godbersen titles to my reading list. I enjoy a good quick novel after a thick historical read-

  3. I don't think it's insane at all. In fact, I prefer my coffee black & lukewarm...perhaps that is something I will tell Ben to do for me!! Great shot!! xo Jeanne

  4. Lovely colors,
    Lovely architechtural melting...


  5. Love the image Daryl, your skies are sooooo much bluer than mine, mega storms in Perth right now. I definitely remember reading Georgette Heyer novels, but will check out your recommendations. I'm re reading Ernest Hemingway since reading The Paris Wife, was so good. I love that you made your Aunts funeral so personal.

  6. You should start cataloging your water towers.
    I would watch non stop football on Sundays if the family would let me. Go Toonman.
    Those books sound interesting.
    I love the comment about book in the casket. When I die first I've asked Sweetie to get the Dallas Cowboys to be my pall bearers so they can let me down one last time. I think Sweetie will throw all my cameras and geocaching gps units in the casket with me.
    Pouring coffee over the casket is a capital idea. Maybe I can get a bottle of Fat Tire poured over me. Or rather, somebody drink it and just throw the bottle in the hole.

  7. love the shadows!!
    and yes, the casket comments.

  8. I read Georgette Heyer years ago, I prefer thrillers now. I'm reading Thomas Perry at the moment Butcher's Boy, Informant and now Vanishing Act.

    Great shot Daryl

  9. I love the expanse of blue sky contrasted by the canyon of hard shadow below.

  10. I was looking at books yesterday at Target, thinking I should settle down and start reading again. I used to read A LOT until I got so involved with all thing Internet.

    I like the photo with the contrast of blue, white and black. Nice!

  11. What a terrific send off... pouring the coffee over the casket...
    that would have made me smile too !!
    A nice memory

  12. Daryl, I love this shot! I was so drawn to the brightness of the tall building, that I had to look for the water tower, and there it was right out front!

  13. Actually, I would watch more football than DH.... ;-) I did finish my little book "Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet." It's a neat story. I passed it on to my future DIL, and her mother bought me a copy of "Life of Pi" after I said I didn't want to see the movie until I had read the book. (On our trip across northern Oregon to the coast, I thought of you each time I saw one of the {now rare} metal water towers in Oregon towns.

  14. What is it with men and football???
    Will definitely have to look up Godbersen. NY in 1899 sounds interesting.
    Love the gorgeous blue sky in this photo!

  15. I can see me getting into those books. And I do not think the coffee on the casket is insane. At all. Good story.

  16. That tower looks cantilevered -- hope it stays in place! I really enjoyed the Luxe series; perfect escape reading.

  17. the step-building behind makes a great dramatic backdrop!

  18. It has been a long time since I read them but I loved Georgette Heyer books! Great escapism...so I know I would love this series too. If I could only settle down and read again:(


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