water towers

another iPhone shot 
looking up
 old and newer
 water tank/tower

I did a lot of reading
 this past weekend
 as a defense
 the non stop football

it was a lovely escape into fantasy
 into the past

 when I was a kid
 The Aunt
 my dad's sister
 who I was close to
 was a great reader
 one of her guilty pleasures
Georgette Heyer novels

 do you know Georgette Heyer?
to read about her

 she wrote romance novels
 set in the Regency era
 in London
 a time of manners
 the time of Jane Austin
 they were
 The Aunt
 loved those books
 so much
 when she passed
 her daughter-in-law
 one of The Aunt's favorite Heyer novels into The Aunt's casket 
we also did something
will find insane

 we poured a cup of hot black coffee
 over the closed casket
 The Aunt
 coffee hot and black

  it made all of us smile

I didnt read any Heyer this past weekend
 I read
 a series 3 books
 by Anna Godbersen
 click here

  they were a little more risqué 
than Heyer's books
 not quite Shades of Grey
 for sure
 less innocent
the originals

 they were a quick fun read
if you want to escape
 New York in 1899
 this is your ticket!