water towers

I wish
 the shadows 
weren't so deep 
I could have figured
 out a way
 to even out
 the contrast 
so you could see
 the fire house with its flag there
I couldn't 
I tried
 I tried
 I gave up
 I got over it
 you will too

 this is
 West 78th Street
 just before
 Amsterdam Avenue


  1. I think the deep shadows work as an integral character in this picture. I'm glad you didn't lighten it.

  2. I think the picture is good as it is - but you can lighten up the bottom half with some software types (Lightroom for example).

    The thing that pictures like this remind me of how well our eyes see things!

    Stewart M - Australia

    PS: if your wondering I hopped over from one of your comments elsewhere!

  3. like the contrast between the dark building and that bright, gorgeous sky.

  4. Looks like it's ready to jump! And have you tried Shadows-Highlights feature on Photoshop? May help.

  5. Love that tall tower on its stilts. The shadows add to the feeling of height.

  6. I like it just as is, Daryl.
    All focus is on the water tower, and that beautiful sky.

  7. I like this perspective too! but thanks for pointing out the flag.
    Also, just want to say I like your new glasses, very cute.

  8. Never mind the contrast Daryl, it always amazes me how they construct the water towers way up there..I suppose your perspective here does make it look even taller, but still....

  9. Beautiful. I feel like I'm right there looking up and the clouds seem like they are moving!

  10. I rather like the way part is in bright sunshine and part is in shade. It gives the real feel of a city street.

  11. I, too, would like to see the front of the firehouse more clearly, but it's a great image, Daryl!

  12. extra nice water tower. I am enchanted by the big city feel, the building that is sandwiched in the middle.

  13. I can't believe how high up those towers are sometimes.

  14. You make me laugh! BTW, snapseed would have done it for you! Love your towers!

  15. That is just the kind of shot that drives me nuts:) but I agree with Reena that snapseed is my favorite for adjusting contrast on my iphone shots...usually I am too lazy to bother though:)


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