water towers

 this past
 a week
Hurricane Sandy devastated
 lower Manhattan

 on the UWS
 its as if nothing ever happened

I wish that was true elsewhere

Its a bright morning here right now
a Nor'easter is coming
my spirits

I went to bed early last night
I couldnt take the stress of watching the election returns

Got up this morning
turned on the news

For those who are not happy with the way the election turned out
you know the next election campaign begins today


  1. They view must be fantastic from away up there.

    I think Americans must have the longest political campaign season in the world.

  2. Bite your tongue. I need at least 24 hours without political ads. LOL. That shot really captures the height.

  3. I loved watching the results come in. I may have got a little exuberant on facebook and alienated some of my more conservative friends and relatives.

    Oh well, I'm a Cowboys fan so I haven't had much to celebrate since about 1996.

  4. Wonderful shot, Daryl, especially against that beautiful sky.
    I didn't watch the results as they came in either. :-)

  5. cool photo and great way to look at the election. Here is hoping you do not get hit too badly with this storm. We are getting just a few inches here in Pa. Hope your Wednesday is a good one!!

  6. Truer words have never been spoken than those in your final sentence. Thanks for reminding me of that.

  7. I wish I did what you did because watching the returns was extremely stressful.
    I love your take on life Daryl!

  8. Excellent shot Daryl, you guys must have been driven mad with all the build up to the elections, I've never seen anything like it! All that money wasted on campaigns is criminal when so many are without, would be nice if one day an election could be won on it's policies alone. Fantasy yeh!

  9. Am so glad the politicking is over!
    Watched a little of the returns, when they started talking about 2015, I went back to reading...give us a break, please!
    Beautiful shot - the sentinel water tower

  10. This might be my favorite water tower ever. Well done.

  11. Love that sky!
    Almost makes me forget it is SNOWING out here now...

  12. I tried to stay up - can't believe the crap on FB. Did some unfriending but just a little.

  13. Ha! I had just said to Mr O a bit earlier that the 2016 campaigning will start now:) I for one am happy with the results!

  14. As always, I LOVE your water tower images....but you know that! ;-) (I decided against watching election results, but peeked once and then got hooked--on PBS and NBC's Brian Williams. By then, it was decided and I was relieved. As for FB, I've skimming over the "stuff" today; I hide a lot of it.)

  15. The blue sky is amazing!! I love this, but I always do. This one is simply beautiful :)

    Prayers are still continuing for all affected by Sandy ♥


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