This man and his dog
walking along Broadway
 they paused 
 for the light to change
 I decided 
to snap this shot

How's your weekend going?

 Did you do any shopping on Black Friday? 

I've been home since Wednesday
 have to admit 
waking up this morning
 I wasnt sure what day it was 

Thanksgiving weekend here at Casa Edelstein
 every year
 turns into
 catch up weekend 
with good friends
 who live out of town
I dont get to see very often

Thanksgiving is a family event 
my out of town friends
 come to 
visit/have dinner
 with their families

 being considered
 part of their extended families
 visit and eat together 

 lunch is usually the meal shared
 followed by long walks
walk off
extra calories

 my friends 
Maureen and Joanne
 their daughter Laura
 and I 
went to lunch
 we window shopped
 our way
Lincoln Center 

 I meet my friend Cheryl 
for lunch



  1. sweet fuzzy butt
    on the dog

    Laura is beautiful, great pic

    previous post is a delight
    Harry has certainly settled in nicely

  2. Shop on Black Friday....are you kidding Daryl, i haven't seen Aimee all weekend, she's been on her computer buying up BIG!!!! I hope there's something in there pour moi haha!!! Good luck with the dieting.

  3. lunch with friends sounds lovely for friday. there is not a deal big enough to make me want to wade into the insanity that is black firiday shopping.

  4. Fuzzy animal derrieres...a weakness of mine. Sounds like you've been having a lovely time with friends. Definitely something to be thankful for. Diet?!...no no no...diet is a four letter word! ;)))

  5. we shall partake of the nourishment that sustains our desired bodily form and function...exhaling.

  6. Love that little butt!
    Sounds like you had a busy but wonderful holiday.

  7. My vacation is over, so back to work tomorrow. Thankful to have a job wherein I can take an entire 9 days off to enjoy family and friends and great food (which last sounds a bit self-serving, since I do the cooking, but I mean it as thanks to God for providing.) And always thankful for those I love from blogdom, of which you most certainly qualify.

  8. I actually have a jacket that would match the owner's blue jeans with the dog's color. Great picture.

    My son and daughter want to take a trip to NYC over Christmas. I am going to research train, etc. this week.

    I see Robert in our future...

  9. Oh that fuzz butt is a cutie! Sounds like a great weekend Daryl! We all eat too much over the holidays! xo Jeanne

  10. Well New York is A shop till you drop I see.

    Thanks for the look.

    Sweet niece.

  11. I do believe I have gained at least five pounds over this long weekend...back to Weight Watchers tomorrow:(


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