this very funny little bull dog 
was in the dog run 
at 84th Street in Riverside Park
 this past Saturday 
Toonman and I took 
our walk
 he followed a dog and its person 
to the gate 

 he said goodbye
 he raced
to see 
what that spaniel and the beagle
 were up to
 he seemed 
like the 
mayor of the run


  1. Oh, fun, Daryl.
    Dick is off exploring the city of Wurzburg, Germany, and I'm on the ship watching the city's residents walk their dogs past the dock. (My idea of a holiday.)

  2. HA! Yes.. bulldogs do have a 'mayorish' look to them. How funny.

  3. Bulldogs do have a funny look at people then all of a sudden they get this energy to go about its business to whereever.
    Cute shot.

  4. It's bizarre, but I canNOT comment here when I'm on Firefox. What's up with that?? Anywho, as cute as that doggy is, I need to see more pics of Harry!

  5. He's adorable. Bull dogs (bull terriers, Boston bulls) are so goofy looking they can't be anything but cute.

  6. I wonder what campaign promises that bulldog made to become mayor. "Hey, if you lick my butt by voting for me, I'll lick you back..."

  7. Politician! Look at the insincere smile!

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

  8. That guy is definitely animated-moved-material...too funny! And I just caught your boo boo...yikes! I had an altercation with a new shop vac today...the bad boy pinched the palm of my hand, right at the meaty part below the thumb. BUT, that was NOTHING compared to your new tatoo! Make sure to get creative...when people ask what happened, give them some fabulous story! Heal fast!

  9. what a face! so cute & you can tell by his body language he enjoys running things!
    sorry about your hand Daryl-I hurt mine last week too but not quite as bad-must be something in the air.

  10. haha! what a funny wee squished up face in the first shot, I wonder if he's called 'Winston'..if I had a bulldog that would be his name for sure!!


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