tre is 3 in Italian
 these tre gatto or gattino
hanging out
Venice Italy 
ten years ago

on our way to the Piazza San Marco
 from our hotel 
I stopped to take this
photo or fotografato 

the photos
 I share
 on this blog
 are taken in 
Nuova York 
this week
non sono


  1. Years ago I remember being in the Coliseum in Rome at sunset and you could hear the collective purring of the thousands of cats that lived there.

  2. What a lovely trio of felines. You've always had your eye set to threes.

  3. Cats can be hilarious in how they position themselves relative to each other.

  4. Cute! I'm praying that you've got food put by because of this newest storm... big hugs!!!

  5. No matter what, cat photos never seem to get old. Very cute! Man... I want to go back to Venice...

  6. I think the 2 on the ground are guys and they're waiting for the female to choose

  7. I love how the stripey cat is staring at the siamese, while the whitish cat is staring at the stripey cat, but the siamese appears to be staring intently at the wall.

  8. Oh, and to Stephen's comment: My main memory of The Colloseum (sp?) is the amazing amount of cats who lived there. I found it fascinating.

  9. Sometimes it's good to get out of town hey Daryl. Loved the cats of Venice.

  10. I haven't been to Italy - it's on our 'to do' list. :)

  11. Bellissima foto (as usual)! Grazie for your daily pensierini...

  12. Looks like they are having a meeting!
    Great shot.
    Tante Belle Cose...

  13. Three beauties too...each one so different from the other:) Maybe you should get another cat so you could have tre at home:)

  14. I love how each one holds their own space - wonderful shot!! xo

  15. Like what GailO said.... But maybe three's a crowd with cats? I have to use all my will power when I see a sad stray dog....Bibi would kill me if I took in another 'boarder'. --These Italian cats are lovely and posed well!

  16. Are you sure you did not pose these little guys?? how sweet, and a bit chunky because they are italian cats! I hope to get to Italy one day, Naples is where my family is from so would love to visit there. And eat the fabulous food too!!

  17. Wish I could respond in some Italian, but I think "molto bene" is about it...and I had to look that up! ;-)

  18. Okay, so I have three cats exactly these...(you can see pics of them on my blog, lol)tell them it's time to come home now and who gave them permission to skywalk to Venice????

  19. oh shoot....i know nothing in italian.....oh wait, spaghetti :)

  20. I think we need to arrange the next Blog Fest in Italia!

  21. A trip to Italy here. And it's exactly what I needed after this super long day. Ciao, Daryl ~

  22. *Gesturing with my hands*

    Ciao & Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >


  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. This photo is fantastic! Perfection is not an overstatement! Bellissima !!! :)

  25. Italian they purr in Italian I wonder...
    I took only one kitty pic in all of Italy.


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