I see things in threes
 I am honestly
 not even aware
 that I do

 this time
 in this instance
 I was very aware

 there were two birds
 sitting on that wall
 there were
 several other birds
 on the ground

 I waited
 I knew
 another bird
 was going
 on the wall

 the frame
 I waited

 I didnt have to wait long 


  1. You have an artist's eye and even numbered things are never as interesting as odd numbered things.

  2. What Stephen said is what I keep telling you. You might not be aware of it, ordinarily but you naturally see what's appealing.

  3. Lovely birds... I imagine they were talking toghether !
    "piou piou piou....."
    Best regards from Paris,


  4. Love your three birds...wonder if there is a significance to the "threes"??

  5. I like your three's. And birds, but you already knew that ~

  6. Funny, isn't it, how things sometimes just pop out at you? Threes for you, and in the past few days for me (though not on my blog) I've seen men with pipes. Lots.

    Love your little sparrows--the sparrow is the symbol of Belgrade.

  7. Patience is a virtue Daryl, and in most cases pays off big time! Lovely shot of these little critters!

  8. Three little dickie birds sitting on a wall.............

  9. Daryl, three perfect Sparrows, doing what Sparrows do so well! Not much at all!

  10. Nice shot ... sparrows are about the only
    birds to visit the feeders right now.. and they
    are so wasteful slinging the seed.... probably nothing
    left for the larger birds.....

  11. I 2 like 3s as you know. Loved the vignette of you waiting for your shot. Felt like I was right at your shoulder- or you at mine, as I crouch to get a shot that you see immediately as tourists wonder what I'm doing...

    Aloha Wishes
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  12. you see things in threes and i see faces in everything....we artists are creative and special people aren't we :)

  13. I never have that much patience:) Cute shot!


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