speaking of hands

 its not a tattoo
 its a boo boo
 You know I am a klutz, right? 
 a week ago 
there was a spill in the office pantry
 someone in a hurry 
dropped a 'bowl' of cereal
 dry cereal
 I said
 go go go
 I'll get it
 I've got a dust buster!
  (I believe the ! is included)

  Thing is
 I have
 I had never used it

 its easy enough
 you turn it on
 it sucks up the spill

 it got full fast 
 the last person
 to use it
 didnt empty it 

 I open it 
dump out the cereal
 the other crap
 its inhaled

 put it back together


  why isn't this going to close
 let me force it
 because we all know
 forcing things
 always works out so well 


 yeah yeah 

we all know 
I never said that
 I went 


 I bled 
I bled
 a lot
cleaned it up with alcohol swabs antibiotic cream and a big bandaid
 I figured out
 why the damn thing 
wouldn't go back together
 it seems
 you have to put the innards
 back facing a certain way
 in order
 for the two parts to close


 That horrible gash on my hand 
is actually improving 
you shoulda seen it before

  before what? 

 magic salve 
helped it 

J.R. Watkins makes this amazing hand and cuticle salve
 this is the Aloe and Green Tea version 
(it really is THE best hand/cuticle salve out there)

I got it at Birchbox
 that's the sample size
 I belong to Birchbox
every month
 they send samples
 many of them
 I pass along
 this one I kept 
because its such a great product
I bought a full size version
 which is at home
 the sample I keep at the office 
so I can apply it 
as often as I notice 
its dry or feels itchy
 don't want to pick it
 don't want that scab to come off
 before its healed 

likely there'll be a scar 
 I am hoping
 that the salve
 helps keep
 it from being
 too awful a scar 

of course
 I could always pretend its a tattoo

No one paid me for pimping either J.R. Watkins Salve or Birchbox