have walked past
 many times
 never noticed
 the mask decals
 there's a better descriptive
 in architecture
 in any event
 the numbers
 the building's address
 look well maintained
 with an edge of old
 to them

 I've been
 eyeing numbers
 for a while

 I tried
 to find
 to photograph 
I have

How was your weekend?
You've already heard about most of mine 
I beautified™ 
went to the Farmer's Market
7 honey crisp apples
 ate one already
 the rest 
will be devoured 
 next week

 an apple a day 
no candy bar
3 pm

 I'm telling you

Made pancakes 
I now use a smaller bowl 
a ladle

 after they are eaten 
I think
 I wish
 I had 
 the recipe 
the waist band
 on my jeans

a good escapist fantasy novel 
Patricia Briggs'
Moon Called
in a series
shape changers and werewolves

 Do you know

She has a book review blog
I find a lot of new eBook
 good reads 
on her reviews check
 her out

have a good week


  1. It's been a busy weekend...started holiday shopping. I have to pace myself. If I try to do too much in one day, I can't walk by the end of the day. I am SO looking forward to getting my hair done tomorrow. My daughter's a hairdresser and I haven't had it done since JULY!! She has difficulty fitting me into her tight schedule...and I was out of town most of the time anyway. Love those new specs Lady!! xo Jeanne

  2. yep, busy you were, and honey crisps are my fave two.

  3. You have had a very busy weekend! Hope you have a calmer week!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend. An apple is always better than a candy bar!

  5. No matter what theme you do, you always do it wonderfully, and it is always such a pleasure to visit you here!

    Weekend was excellent. K was home for a visit, and that's always the best. Weather cooperated beautifully too with temps in the high 60s yesterday.

  6. We survived the half marathon and lived to tell about it. (Lots of wine was involved and a little bit of jogging.)

    Your weekend sounds wonderful. I really love the photo. Now I am craving an apple...

  7. I will have to check her out as we have a nook, bought it for my mom but I have to say, a cool device! The numbers here are cool, I was in your neck of the woods Saturday, Upper West Side, finally went in the Empire Hotel. Gorgeous lobby but kinda small I thought. Looks like going to be a lovely week, Enjoy !!

  8. Nice numbers with decals, very mysterious.

    We are starting to do gluten free pancakes because son is allergic to wheat. Yuck.

    Sounds like an interesting book series.

  9. Sounds like a great weekend. Love the details your eye has captured.

  10. I think you would like my numbers. I specially ordered them to go with my house. :) They are SOLID metal, one on the house and one on detached garage that is a wee bit smaller.

  11. Love honey crisp apples, too. I also eat one a day.

  12. I eat apples....with cheese & wine. What can I say? And you've reminded me that I have a copy of The Killer Angels waiting for me. I never read this and have started it twice. I'm supposed to see Lincoln over the weekend...that should inspire me!

  13. I've been eating a lot of apples lately, too. But the mention of pancakes made me drool! Thanks for the tip on Beth Fish Reads!

  14. You've had such a busy weekend! Wonderful weather wasn't it?

    I have always been an avid reader...always fiction...but recently I have just not been able to quiet myself enough to read as much as I used to. In general I blame this darn internet!

  15. Awwww. Thanks for shout out! I've been away at a lace-making workshop for 4 days. (one of the things I do when listening to audiobooks) Sounds like a great weekend. I love Honey Crisp apples. Yummm. And Numbers is a great theme, especially in the city. I need to get back to reading the Briggs series. It's a lot of fun.

  16. An apple a day keeps the doctor away and lots of water has been my cure for all for years Daryl. I think number 306 looks in very good condition, I wonder what goes on behind those doors, could it be a men's they still exost!!


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