look, its fall foliage!

I know
 all that whining 
about no fall foliage
 there it is

 we chose the day
 that the trees in Riverside Park
 that weren't de-branched or uprooted 
by Sandy

  We did a variation on Toonman's long loop on Saturday afternoon
 swinging down 
around Mrs Roosevelt's statue
 down the stairs to the river 
back uptown
up the long hill
 the stairs
 to the Promenade
 we walked
 the trees were showing their colors

  Saturday was the better day
 in that 
 became one
 with the BIG TV and FOOTBALL
 he hadn't watched
 every college game on Saturday

 We watched a wonderful movie on Saturday while football was being recorded 
Wes Anderson's Moonlight Kingdom
 its Wes Anderson
 so its quirky
 its Wes Anderson
 so its filled
 with wonderful character actors
Bill Murray, Frances McDormand, Edward Norton, Bruce Willis, Tilda Swinton, Jason Schwartzman, Bob Balaban, Harvey Keitel 
 the true stars
 Jared Gilman, Kara Hayward

 Got it on DVD from NetFlix 
highly recommend it

Toonman watched football on Sunday
 I read
 I have been reading a lot lately
 I love to read
 but occasionally
 I get into a reading slump
 not so this weekend

 I finished Elly Griffiths' first book, 
The Crossing Places, 
 a very promising series 
about a forensic archeologist
 in Norfolk on the coast of England
 it was so good
 I started the second
 The Janus Stone
 if you are into mystery with a twist check them out

What else? 

 Thanksgiving is looming
 this year
 in place of
 the take out from Indian or Italian or Thai restaurants
 I ordered a traditional dinner: 
Turkey, 2 kinds of stuffing, 2 kinds of potatoes,veggies 
 cherry pie for dessert
  everything is pre-cooked
 I get to go mad
 trying to time it all out 
to be hot at the same time 

 What are your plans for Thanksgiving?

 Its a short week
 which means 
it will be busy
 so I gotta get going
 catch you later!