happy thanksgiving

I dont cook
 so I occasionally
 make pancakes
 went through 
a baked turkey meatball phase

 way back when
 I used to
 make bread

 we had
 an even smaller kitchen
 back then
 I dont cook
 I re-heat food
 which is what
 I will be doing today

 all those containers
 our pre-cooked
 ready for me
 to hot up

 see that pink paper
 its instructions
 on how long
 each food
 needs to be warmed
 in the oven
 we gotchya
 turkey breast
two kinds of stuffing/dressing
 two veggies
 turkey gravy
 jalapeño cornbread
 two kinds of potatoes
 cherry pie
 pumpkin pie
 a nice Malbec

 I think there will be leftovers
 I hope there will be leftovers

when we say thanks
 we will mean it
not just for the food
 for each other

 you and yours
 a very happy thanksgiving

 I am thankful for you too!