end of a long week

Things are looking better
 here in Manhattan
 at least 
34th Street north
 things haven't gotten a lot better 
power is still out 

people I work with
 who live in NJ
 are still without power 
one co-worker had a tree fall on her house
 no one was hurt 
but rebuilding will have to happen
  another co-worker's home sustained no damage
she too has no power
is unable to get off her street
of downed trees and power lines

 #1 boss sent his kids uptown to stay with his sister 
while he and his wife have moved temporarily into a hotel 

Wednesday morning 
I took the M104 to work 
waited a mere 15 minutes
 before it arrived 
got a seat a few stops later 
the trip took
 - door to door - 
45 min   

I left the office
 at 4 

 43rd Street and 8th Avenue
 to get 
uptown M104

  waited only a few minutes 
before an already crowded bus
 (on the uptown route 43rd/8th is the first stop) 
excuse me 
excuse me 
excuse me
got me 
wiggle room 
to get as far back as I could

 the traffic was insane 
bumper to bumper 
at one point 
10 min

 I'll spare you the drama of the ride

 I got off the bus
Broadway and 75th Street
I could no longer bear to be on the bus

 I walked the rest of the way
had I been wearing different shoes 
I would never have gotten
 on the bus

 I can walk 
office to home 
35 min 


You cannot imagine 
I was 
Thursday morning
 when the morning news team
the subways
 - some of them - 


 its limited service
 its running

  there is still no service below 34th Street 
power is still out
there's still flooding 
we're getting back to normal 
a little every day

  there were such horrific traffic tie ups 
throughout the city 
car pool
from post-September 11th 
was invoked

 until things calm down
 until there is full service
 the NJ Port Authority
PATH lines
 no car 
with less than 3 people 
will be permitted

this is being 
at bridges and tunnels 

Hopefully by Monday 
things everywhere will be better


  1. New York can't be put back together over night, or even in a few nights. But it will be put back together.

  2. I can't even imagine it, Daryl! If I have to wait for 8 vehicles to pass when I'm at a stop sign, it's a "crush" worth noting. ;-)

  3. It's a relief to hear that things are slowly getting better for some and hopefully by the weekend everyone will see the light. The pics here are so hard to see, so much damaged to buildings and lives shattered. Glad you are all safe.

  4. Who'd of thought! Electricity makes all the difference.

  5. All the material stuff can be replaced, I guess people are just glad to have been spared eh? Everything will return to normal eventually. Glad to hear you're safe m'dear. x

  6. NYC is amazing - with all that is going on to recover/cleanup/rebuild and amid the devastation, the marathon will still be held this weekend.
    Made me anxious reading about your journey to and from work, way too crowded for me!
    Take care and have a wonderful weekend!

  7. I hope at least getting part of the subway up will have a positive effect.
    the NY Marathon...I am torn. yes, maybe it is an important psychological event..but really, could those resources be better used helping people in REAL need in NYC.

  8. Can't imagine the marathon taking place this weekend!

  9. It's definitely at crisis times like this that people pull together to keep their spirits up and do what they have to do hey Daryl. My thoughts are definitely with the families of those that lost a member, just can't imagine!

  10. I am so glad you are at least okay and seeing things perk up.

  11. Crazy! Watching the news last night it is hard to imagine living in the midst of it all...you are very fortunate indeed to have power! Hang in there! and get those walking shoes out!

  12. still very glad you suffered no damage. guess you'll be hoofing it to work more than dealing with the bus mess, though, huh?

  13. I sure hope so.
    Now that the initial shock has settled, we are beginning to hear the individual stories on the news.
    It is just heartbreaking.

  14. I wouldn't have made it off the bus. Just looking at the photo flipped my stomach. Double Gah. Needless to say, I have you in my thoughts but glad you are trudging along. My heart breaks when I hear some of the stories. Terrible and unbelievable at times. So sad. xoxoxo

  15. Hoping it gets better day by day. What nightmare for so many people.

  16. Things should get better day by day... Can't imagine how difficult this must be for everyone and my heart breaks for those in the deeply affected areas where homes and belongings have been lost, or worse yet... loved ones. Hang in there, sweetie....

  17. Glad you are ok. I was thinking about you and "all" over there. My daughter lives in Boston and they are ok too. My heart goes out to so many that will be stuggling for many months.

  18. Glad to hear you're improving. The news carries almost exclusively horror stories, of which there are many. Must be hard getting staple supplies, I imagine?

  19. What a nightmare... I hope things are starting to improve a bit by now?


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