busy busy busy



first stop

The Eyeman
picked up my 
 new glasses 
they're a smile-y shape
top layer is brown/tortoise shell
middle layer is
heliotrope-ish blue
back/under is brown/tortoise

Super Runners Shop
to buy 
new 'sneakers'
not running 
not jogging
just inexpensive

salesman said
 I had
choice of colors

turned out
 they only had
 my size
I bought a pair of turquoise laces

next up
 waiting at the prepared food counter

a gentleman
 standing next to me 
was showing off 
the fishing lures
 pinned to his cap
 he was telling
 the counterman
 how he makes them
sells them
 to women
 who wear them as pins
 of course
 I admired them
 he took off his cap
 to show them
 to me

 I said
 they're fabulous
 he took off one
handed it to me

 I said its wonderful 
went to hand it back

 he said
 no, its yours

 I thanked him
 how much I owed him
 he said
 its a gift
 I thanked him again
 saying how very nice it was
 how incredibly nice
 he smiled
 tipped his hat

Toonman and I
 took a walk
Riverside Park

I had been told by Susan, 
who reads my blog and lives a little further uptown, 
the park took a very hard hit from Sandy


  of course

 in comparison

 to the devastation
 that is along the shore of NJ LI and SI

 the damage to the park is small

to me 

it was overwhelming
 to see
 trees uprooted

 the winds

 the piles
sawed limbs


 the squirrels
seem as if
they're confused
 their favorite
 nesting places
 are no more 

while taking photos of a downed tree
 a man standing nearby
 pointed up
 look a white tail hawk
 a young one
 not very large

 I was kicking myself
not taking along 

 when he pointed out
 the rat
 the hawk 
was munching on

I wasnt 
18-105 kit lens 

you're welcome

NONE of these photos are either edited or signed .... 


  1. Well...you already know I love the specs!! Purple...you know!! The sneakers are fabulous!! What a shame that the park took such tree damage. So, so sad. Like you said, though, we also have to remember that some people have lost their homes. My SIL finally got power this morning at 3am. After all this time...12 days! She was very happy!!

  2. Gosh, I love your posts. I feel like I'm right there. What a kind fishing lure man, and love the 'pin'. And I'd have bought the same sneakers. That's one fat squirrel...

  3. All that damage yet the squirrels made it through.

  4. Great new sneaks, love the laces.

    Thank you for leaving your big lens home. Rat-eating hawks is a bit more realism than I need at this hour of the day (or at any hour, for that matter) ;).

  5. Lovin' your sneakers! Now you must have your nails done to match match them. Sad about all those trees in the park being down. It takes soooo long to grow a tree. :-(

  6. Smart new sporty shoes!

  7. Love your sense of color cool new specs and kickers!
    A shame to see the damage caused by the storm, but it is probably minimal in proportion to what happened on Staten Island...
    Well, the hawk did decrease the rat population by one - that's a good thing:/

  8. What a shame for the damage. It almost wants your heart to not wear the new sneakers

    when you see the place your friend sent. (Heartbreaking) So many confused.They have nothing.

    Until it happens to us. We seem to go the way we do.In our side of the world.unning here and fro.

    The perky things of life, styles we buy. Life goes on.

    We got hit many years ago and then we seemed to put hold on trendy things. Help our neighbours. Yet we met alott of friends and remain to this day.With new friends.

    We go back to the so called trends.

    So out of bad most times comes better. Not sure with the re election putting back

    again the Man. Ask the people who have had no help in like 12 days. Some eating out of Garbage bins.

    Ya like your glasses and was nice of the man to give you the fish lurers.

    Wow how would you wear them on what as a broach or down here they wear them as

    earrings but properly made.

    Have a nice day!

  9. cute specs! and yeah, the downed trees are quite a sight. we have tons of em around here. huge things just completely uprooted all over the place. and the hawk having a snack.....that would have been quite a picture, lol.

  10. Great glasses and shoes! Especially the glasses. My grandfather used to tie flies like that. What a special thing, to have been given one by a stranger.

    The ruined park is so very sad. I know the city has bigger problems, but I do hope they get it back in shape soon.

  11. Had to laugh at the last line. Like the new glasses. What a sweet gift from a stranger. And lastly, how sad to see all the damage in the park.

  12. Your glasses suit you so well! Love that color against that beautiful silver hair. And those shoes...wow! One of my father's brothers (both long dead) tied flies; we could never understand how he did it with his unbelievably shaky hands. Both of my brothers are fly fishermen and I think one has tied some of his flies. He also taught his daughter....but she went to college to get her engineering degree and is now applying for law school at Stanford, I think. ;-) Tied flies are definitely works of art.

  13. I read the rats in NYC were on the moving after the flooding downtown. Lots of meals for hungry hawks!

    Those downed trees look bad..but not as bad as when they are sitting on your crushed car or poking thought your roof. Happily neither of which I experienced.

  14. Damage is always difficult to observe.
    So sad to see uprooted trees.

    The fishing lure 'pin' was quite a catch..
    amazing how nice people can be....

  15. Have tried fly tying when I lived in Maine while sitting in a cabin waiting for the ice to go out so we could fish. A technique for sure. So nice of him :)

    Love the glasses and shoes. You are a fashionista of course!

    So sad about damage. Do not like to see any trees down. I love them more than flowers....

    Thrilled you got Toonman out for a walk!! xoxoxox

  16. What a day! And the kindness of strangers, how touching.
    Isn't it always the thing ... right time, wrong lens! But still a good pic!

  17. I love your new glasses! I find them so hard to pick out...took such a long time picking out the ones I have now and I really don't like them after all:(

    Sad to look at all the fallen trees...it will be a while before new trees will grow as big... I am rather glad you didn't have the lens you needed with you:)

  18. I love your glasses. I usually wear contacts but I keep a pair of glasses around just in case. What a nice, nice man and a very cool pin. Big or small, the destruction from Sandy is still hard to fathom. I hate it when I don't have my good camera with me.

  19. Gosh that was quite a weekend Daryl..very stylish glasses, Aimee gave them the tick of approval haha! she has some very similar, her friends call them her 'Dame Edna Everidge' glasses!! How absolutely lovely to get a surprise gift and such a unique one too, what a nice 'fish lure making' man he was!! and yes so sad about the park, I think that's what distresses me the most all the little creatures that have no idea what's going on.


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