a cat tale

we adopted Harry
 October 21st 
he fit right in
 he and Jack are pals
 they run our lives
Harry seemed like a normal cat
 one evening a few weeks ago
 I put a cheesy biscuit wrapped in wax paper 
inside a ziplock bag
 in my tote bag

 in the morning
 I found it
 on the livingroom floor

 a day or so later 
a loaf of bread
 on the kitchen counter 
suffered a ripped bag
 there were several other
 food attacks
 the day after Thanksgiving
 when Harry
 a mouthful
 hot mashed potatoes and bread stuffing/dressing
 started to choke
 I decided
 we had to do something
 this weird attraction
 Harry has with bread
 the contents of the garbage can

   we don't leave any food unattended

 Harry once ate a piece of a cookie 
 its wax paper bag
 when Toonman turned his back

Wednesday night
 I said
 it was amazing
Harry hadnt discovered
 the Thomas English Muffins
 on top of the fridge

Thursday afternoon
 Toonman called me 
to tell me
Harry found the English Muffins

we commiserated
 about how this is so weird
 how there had to be a reason
 we needed to find a fix
 we keep the bread
English Muffins 
in the oven
buy a bread box

 we keep all food leftovers
 in the fridge
 whether they need refrigeration
 or not

 I was telling this to Hilary
her world
sharing her cats' antics

 it seems
 is totally normal

 it was all our other cats
 who never ate bread
 never tried to get into the garbage
never tried to steal food off our plates
 any of the many tschkas in our apartment
those cats 

 go figure!


  1. I've the same problem with my cat "Baloo"...


  2. oh well, it was good while it lasted!
    I think Priscilla is weird too. she bothers me for food and then when I put it in her dish I have to tap my foot near it to alert her to come get it. every other dog I've ever known runs to their dish or anything else that is dropped within their reach!

  3. Harry has quite the personality! He sounds perfectly normal and will teach Jack all of his lovely habits...

  4. Your cats sound like a lot of fun Daryl!! One of my cats had a very strange fascination with dirt. Specifically the dirt that my potted plants sat in. At the time I had MANY potted plants!! I ended up having to put aluminum foil carefully cut around the soil portion of each and every one of those plants. If I didn't, that cat would use it as her own personal litter box. It used to make us nuts!! Cats...are so mysterious sometimes!! They are beautiful and I really do miss mine!

  5. That's funny. I am reading Peter Mayle's A Dog's Life that I picked up at a used book sale. His dog is telling the story....mentions cats occasionally. I never knew cats liked bread; I have noticed that street dogs scorn bread, but my dogs eat it. Anyway, today coincidentally I have a post that shows threes like yours did yesterday. Click right here.

  6. yep, you had it good
    my trash can has been hidden for years
    I can't put up a Christmas tree
    or have real flowers
    Siren sticks his head into any glass I leave unattended so I must always use a travel mug or walk around with my beverage
    Isadora rolls around on my pillow and then sits on my head while I'm sleeping
    the shower doors must be closed
    the toliet seat must be shut
    not an inch of toliet paper can be dangling

    I could go on and on ;)

    Harry is adorable and he'll train you well

  7. I love your stories of Harry. At least he keep you both on your toes so you don't become complacent in your home;-)

  8. What a pretty cat. I think orange cats have so much personality.

  9. Too weird! I never had a cat sneak food! Kramer, though, always wants to lead us to his food dish. Which has food in it. Guess he wants us to watch him eat or trying to tell us this stuff sucks! Sorry for my absences. Life has gotten in the way of my visits. sigh

  10. Hilary's experiences aside, I still find it rather odd. I've had many cats and I can't remember any of them ever having a craving for carbs. Bizarre.

  11. oh that Harry!! came with his own flavor palette - we had one cat who adored popcorn! and they all have loved the butter dish!

  12. the carb craving does seem funny. as for stealing food...mr. lime got a kitten in college. he grew up with dogs. i grew up with cats. he had this idea that he could choose to one day feed the kitten from the table and another day not. i warned him that cats were not like dogs, that if he made the allowance once he would forever be beholden to the cat. he disregarded my idea. it came to the point of him having to lock the cat in a closet in order to get through a meal without the cat jumping up on the table.

  13. Daryl, glad your around to keep Jack and Harry amused! I think that's all we are to cats, amusement and food providers!

  14. Fabulous post. Want to hear something really weird? My Butterfingers used to go nuts over olives. Whenever I or my daughter would give her olives, she would start doing flips, rubbing her body all over the floor - just going bonkers. She also use to lick plastic shopping bags and - get this - she used to enjoy the smell bleach. I asked my vet about these habits but he said that she was healthy. So your Harry eating bread/carbs is not so unusual. Cheers!!

  15. The story I forgot to tell you about was this one:

    When I still lived in Montreal, I had a lovely old apartment on the top floor (of three). My next door neighbour was a young girl who had her first apartment. We chatted occasionally and since her apartment and mine were the only two on the floor, we often kept our doors open because my Snag(Snagglepuss) liked to visit her and she loved cats.

    One day I heard a rustling at my front door. I looked up to see Snag struggling to walk with a large plastic bag containing a dozen bagels (Montreal bagels are to die for.. even a cat knows that) dangling from her mouth. She kept tripping over it but was determined to bring them home.

    I took the bag from her mouth and walked over to the neigbour's apartment. She greeted me with hysterical laughter when she saw the bagels in my hand. She guessed exactly what had happened. Snag wandered into her apartment, jumped up on the counter and then onto her fridge to find the bag of bagels that she had recently purchased sitting there. She thought she'd bring them home to us. Nah, actually she wanted them all to herself.

    My cats have all, always loved bread. And many, MANY other things.

  16. Harry likes his carbs! Our new kitten is a garbage can investigator, and he follows MB around the house when he's got food. But other than that, he leaves the rest of us alone.

  17. Actually, I've never had a cat that has done this. And I've had a slew of cats over the years living on horse farms. Wow!

  18. My Giant Fat Cat Larry has, oddly, no interest in 'regular' food.
    None at all.
    He LOVES his cat food but has been interested in nothing else I ever tried.
    I guess I should be happy.

  19. Cats are crazy, our big ole Maine Coon loves ribbons so we have no ribbons or bows on our gifts or anything else and the other cat eats rubber bands.

  20. That's hilarious! My Siamese never cared for bread, but then, I knew how weird she was. lol

  21. OMG. I laughed out loud right off the bat at "slightly gnawed" followed by the picture of him posing so regally as if to say, "Pishaw."

    This is hilarious.

  22. I'm delighted that miss Pixie seems entirely uninterested in our food, and I'm keeping it that way! (we do share a morel of organic ham in the am while I make coffee. . . . other times, she expects NOTHING but too much kitty food (and gets it)

    Aloha Blessings
    from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    ~ > < } } ( ° >

    > < 3 3 3 ( ' >

    ><}}(°> ~

  23. BTW, a handsome but mischievous looking Jack-cat, from the looks of him!

  24. OMG! we just got my kitten.. (she's on facebook) two days she's been here.. into the garbage? yep, walking the counters? Yep, in to you tv plate? yep.
    She has even been in the refrigerator! She's just 10 weeks old! I'll blog.

  25. Hilarious! I have had many cats over the course of my life and none of them have gone to these extremes for bread:) Molly is the exact opposite...I have tried everything to give her some kind of treat...sardines, Fancy Feast, salmon, chicken...and she has not taken one lick of anything except dry kibbles. Maybe I should try some cheese crackers?

  26. Oh look at Harry lying there looking so pleased with himself, that's hilarious Daryl..I'm pretty sure he knows that you're blogging about him haha!

  27. BTW,

    I LOVE Daryl poetry.
    That's what you are writing
    And it's wonderful.


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