water towers

Yesterday morning
 it was dark
 I left the apartment

West 79 Street

  that white figure
 is a street art installation
 to me
 it looks like a priest from the Spanish Inquisition
 behind him
 if you look up
 you'll see
water towers/tanks

there was a tragedy yesterday morning
near the City College subway stop at 148 St
 was killed
 the subway service on the local line was affected
 when I got to the 79th Street station
 there was a 20 min wait for the local
  I decided
 to walk 
to 72nd
 to catch the express

 along the way
 I spotted
 the M104
 ran to the stop
 hopped on 
along with many others
 settled into a seat
watched the city wake up 

speaking of waking up
 last night 
shortly after I got home
 I was crouching down
 to give Jack a pep talk
 when Harry walked over 
put his nose against Jack's 
 for a nano sec
 the 3 of us

 Jack hissed
 Harry and I jumped
it was a break through
 in fact 
Harry decided it was permission to hang out in the living room 
where he tried to get Jack to play 
no dice
 Jack wasn't ready to give in 
it was clear
 to both Toonman and me
 that he really wanted to  

at about 3:30 a.m.
 I woke
 to the sounds 
insane cats 
racing around
living room
back and forth

 I lay there
 for the 
the hisses


when I finally got up at 5:30
 both cats joined me in the kitchen 
I washed out 
 the water bowl
put it on the floor
 Harry went to get a drink
 Jack hissed 
Harry stopped
he sat down

 I do believe
they're going to be friends




  1. Oh, what a wonderful post, Daryl! Love your commuter narrative...and your kitty-cat narrative!

  2. Harry and Jack are going to take time sizing each other up before becoming friends.

  3. oh, Jack is so cute. I do hope they become pals.

  4. Oh my goodness, I love this post Daryl!! Both the cats are so sweet!! I miss my cats. After alot of allergy tests, found out I was allergic, so had to give them up. I remember so many nights of waking up listening to my two go CRAZY....running around like nuts!! So funny! Good memories. Happy Wednesday!

  5. How wonderful to watch the city wake up.

    Glad the boys are slowly becoming friends. I'm sure they'll be inseparable soon enough.

  6. Love especially the first shot. Looks retro, somehow. And much enjoyed your cat story. Bibi is very jealous of any dog that seems like it might stay with me. Tolerates visitors, especially her (over-sized) Chihuahua friend, Rocky.

  7. He's just playing hard to get. HA.... I would too.

    Love the photo out the window M104. Awesome morning shot!

  8. Great morning shots! Enjoyed your monologue and am so glad that Harry and Jack are starting to be buddies! Love that morning racing and the nuttiness of it all. Jack, as senior cat, is just establishing that he, indeed, is top cat.

  9. Nice urban shots,

    It just takes cats a while to get used to each other.

  10. As much as I don't like anyone waking me up in the night, I am sure the sound of those two playing was worth it.

  11. Funny you should mention taking a bus. Roddy The Wondercar is in the shop today (nothing too serious) so I took the bus to work. Entirely different perspective on things looking out the side window :-)

  12. Love your morning...normal to you but sounds like an adventure to me.

    Your babies will be lovin and huggin before you know it!!

    The "moment" was so sweet. Glad you had time in your day to enjoy it ♥

  13. Progress is being made! And fairly quickly too, from a cat time-frame. Nice to see both of those beautiful furry faces today.

  14. Yeeeeeesssssss, this does indeed sound like progress, Daryl!

    There is nothing quite like watching the city wake up, and I do love these images of it.
    I start out walking to work at 6:00, so there's not much chance of any morning #walking to work IG shots for me anymore.
    I am sad because I love the early morning. :-(

  15. Oh, it really sounds like they are, Daryl. I loved this story.

  16. I like the towers in silhouette. Nice. Not so bad to take the bus for a change, I guess. Great news on the fur boys.

  17. Progress! By Saturday they'll only be fighting over which one gets to make you pancakes.

  18. Did it feel nice to be back on the M104??? I love those cats!

  19. I love the City in the morning, Dar.

    Yes, looks like the kitties are working it out. Blondes! LOL

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  20. Always love your city shots Daryl..quintessential NYC.. The tall white figure is a wee bit creepy. Tragic happenings are always so sad, that's life and death in a big city I guess.. Jack and Harry are going to be a bit like Toonman and his video buddy haha!!

  21. Sorry I haven't been around lately. Life has been sooo crazy busy lately. Hoping in the next several weeks thing slow down and I can get back to taking photos and visiting my friends! Love hearing about the kitties' antics! And how fun was that getting back on the m104???

  22. oh i am NOt a morning person but there is something to be said for watching the world wake up. glad the kitties are learning to get along.

  23. Baby steps! Sounds like they are becoming friends really quickly actually! They are so pretty together:) When I was was a child my uncle worked in a local hardware store named Jack and Harry's!

    I really enjoyed your pictoral trip on the m104!

  24. Awww...pretty soon they'll be inseparable I'm sure!


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