this sweet pup
 is looking
 at his person 
his person is eating an apple
gets part of the apple
 as a treat 
 see those blue clad legs? 
they belong
 to a friend of the pup's person 
 he said apples are not good for dogs

this other pup
 is looking on
 at his friend 
 feeling his pain
 at no longer 

last week
once again 
got lucky 
 a $50 gift certificate for Shutterfly 
 my friend Jeanne's blog giveaway
how cool is that?

  Do you know her blog
have you met
 Jeanne and her adorable pups Chloe and LadyBug? 
 them out 


  1. Hi Daryl
    I told my husband what the person in the blue pants said, so we looked it up. It's the apple seeds that are bad for dogs, and for everyone else, as they are poisonous — however, I've eaten apple seeds and survived for quite a few decades.
    Dick and Lindy are very relieved to know apples are okay, because Lindy loves apple slices — in fact, her favorite treat.

  2. I'll be sure to check this out. Congratulations on winning that fifty dollars.

  3. Hey congrats on the win! Aw a little bit of apple wouldn't do him any harm would it?

  4. Aww...thanks D!! What cute pups! My girls get little teeny, tiny pieces of apple...but they don't always want it!! Strawberries, however, are another deal!! Let me know if you don't receive the code from Shutterfly...she should be sending it to you directly! I have to figure out what cards to get for myself too...there are MANY designs to choose from!! Today is beautification day for you...have fun!! And be safe...the storm is looking like it is taking aim at all of us on the East Coast!! I feel bad from my brother, he was without power ten days last time (he lives in Connecticut). xo Jeanne

  5. Handsome fellows who do look upset not to be getting a bite of apple...Congrats on winning! Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. I tend to follow the no people food rule
    it's just easier

    these are 2 sweet pups
    the 2nd one made me think of the show 'Annie'

    love your cat post!!
    so happy for Jack and Harry
    and youse guys too of course

  7. Little cuties they are.
    Have to check on the apple thing. My dogs love them.
    Congratulations on winning the gift certificate!!

  8. Congratulations, Daryl. I love Shutterfly. And hey, didn't know about the apple thing either.

  9. You're on a winning streak! Cute pups, and I too didn't know about the apple thing and dogs.

  10. I knew about the arsenic in the seeds, but durn those pups are so sweet and that shot conveys their thoughts so well. Love how you captured them. And hey, congrats on your win!

  11. Surely a dog can have some apple without the seeds? My crazy dog would never touch them of course but the dog my sister had would eat watermelon rinds, melon, apples, she was quite a fruitarian:)

  12. Two cuties. I would think that the apple flesh would be okay - the cyanide is in the seeds. Congrats on your win. :)

  13. There's always a big mouth human that thinks they know everything coming along and spoiling everything..I wouldn't be able to resist those eyes, and I just can't imagine an apple would be bad..come on!


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