the cat post

my, our cats 
I blog 

until we adopted Jack
 a little over 2 yrs ago
 I, we had never been owned by a ginger tabby

our first cat 
was black and white with big green eyes

when we put this 'neckerchief 
on her 
she loved it
we called her Tex

she was so smart 
 the smartest cat who ever owned us

a few months 
after she passed 
Gus came into our lives
 he was far 
MENSA material
 he was 
best friend

when Gus was about 9 yrs old 
we adopted Rose
she was my baby

a few months 
after Gus passed
we adopted Jack
our first ginger boy

sweet Jack
all he wanted was a friend
Rose wasn't interested she wasn't well
he did try

after we lost Rose
Jack seemed sad 
he really seemed to be lonely
Toonman to hang with

so we adopted our second ginger boy
he's amazing
 in under a week
 he's won over Jack


 into life
Casa Edelstein

if you can
 I recommend
 going to a shelter
bringing home a rescue
 they are the best friends 
you'll ever have


I think I've gotten the cats covered
out of my system

see you later!


  1. How very good that the two of your ginger boys have become friends! Any more 3:30am crazy antics?

  2. BTW- the best cat that ever owned us was our ginger boy Tally-HOO-hoo. Best. Cat. Ever!

  3. I loved your cat post. Your kitties, past and present, are beautiful. Out of 14 kitties which share my life at the moment, 11 are gingers and 5 are female gingers.

  4. Enjoyed this post. I did once find a tiny kitten, much too small to be without mama, and brought her/him, I forget, back to my place to keep for a while until he/she was older. I found the kitten a good home, but I kind of miss him/her....used to snuggle on my chest. Now Bibi does.

  5. Loved the cat photos! And awesome Halloween shot at the end. I love ginger kitties. Our two girls have been gone several years now. We keep meaning to go down to the shelter find new friends, but ...

  6. A wonderful tribute to past and present kitties- so glad to hear that Jack and Harry are now friends!

  7. Some animals just need a best friend and now Jack has found his. Good job!

  8. we have never been cat people....always dogs.
    but ever since our daughter has had cats and with my sister having a whole garage full of outdoor cats that roam on their forty acres, i have fallen for them.

    who knows, maybe next will be a cat...or two :)

  9. Don't ever stop blogging about Jack and Harry Daryl, it will be such fun to watch their antics..I can see many happy times ahead. Bon weekend.

  10. If ever I were to have another dog I would get one from the rescue centre definitely. :)

  11. you say ginger, i say orange, but i now like the word ginger so that's what i'll say from now on. i love ginger kitties there's something about them that's very very special. did you know that the chances of a ginger kitty being female are about 20% or even less? that's right. so when my orange/ginger daiseymae was born in my barn she was a keeper. your kitties shine with character. i'm happy you have jack and harry. they're keepers. they will fill your heart and it will overflow. happy weekend to you.

  12. I like your cat posts. I can almost feel the whiskers.

  13. I ADORE your cat posts! They are beautiful (and I just bet you'd say the SMARTEST) cats!! I enjoy all of your posts, but the cat posts are really special!

  14. You're a good cat couple, for certain! It's obvious that your feline "children" are loved, well-cared for, and important in your household. Love all the photos, although I can't be a cat person.

  15. Awwwww Daryl, they look so happy together!
    They are so lucky to have you and Toonman, and I know you feel very lucky to have them too.
    I am so glad that everything worked out.

  16. what a wonderful post. You are MY kind, Dar

    Weekend Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  17. Oh those boys are adorable together! and I loved getting to meet their predecessors:)

  18. What sweet cats you have owned.... I mean, Have owned you. I miss having animals but when you travel a lot, it is best not to have them.

  19. I caught Henri looking at the adoption board at the local animal shelter thrift store the other day. That made me smile and so did all the sweet pics of your former and current babies.

  20. I love that they're getting along so quickly. What a gorgeous pair.. Jack and Harry.

  21. This is a great story! thank you so much for sharing it Daryl!

  22. Love love love love LOVE seeing photos of all of your sweet kitz, past & present. Warms my heart <3


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