oh sandy ...

a once in a lifetime event
surging walls of water
full moon
coverging forces
 said crack meterologist
Sam Champion

Super Storm
Halloween Super Storm
Storm of the Century

Surge is the word

 the local station weather team
 are offering
 the Sandy Survival Guide
with a special segment:
 what to tell your children about the storm

predictions say
 Atlantic City is 'ground zero'

it will hit the casinos and beach
full force 
 around midnight 

which means 
the news people
 the weather people 
will be on air 

 the little news there is

 bolstering it 

Sandy might be the greatest threat to human life
comparing it to the movie
 The Perfect Storm
to Katrina
to that movie 
with Morgan Freeman 
where that giant wave wiped out the country

with potential power outages numbers
 letting everyone know
 the officials
 are prepared
 in the next breath
 they're saying 
what they feel 
 still go wrong

offering tips
 if your power goes out 
dont open your fridge
 food will stay edible longer 
(because you wont be eating it?)

yesterday at the nail salon
of course 
I got my nails done
 a girl has to look good 
even, no, especially
 if Stormaggedon is coming
a woman wondered if the restaurants would be open and delivering
the NYC subways shut down last night
NJ transit shut down yesterday afternoon
people are being encouraged to stay home
my office is closed
Columbia University is closed
a teacher 
having her nails done
 this is the first time that's ever happened

Fresh Direct 
cancelled my Sunday food/grocery delivery
 I decided
 I had 
to go get some food

 the grocery and specialty food stores
 are small
major supermarkets
 on the 
Upper Westside

 had a long line outside from the time they opened
 letting only a few customers in at a time

Westside Market
 was total insanity
 shelves were empty early in the day

also was monitoring 
the number of people permitted to shop

 it was a free for all
 the crowds were crazy
 I know
 I braved it 
with a friend 
we tag teamed
 the counters
 she got a number for the prepared foods
I waited on the bread/bakery line
the check out was easy 
I scored enough to keep us from starving during the next few days
of more concern
my flight 
Wednesday morning

so far its not been cancelled
it looks like Cincinnati 
isnt in the strike zone 
I am going
 to insist
hit and run
 get outta here
 early enough on Tuesday
 so the airports will reopen
I get out of town
after all
its always about me!