oh sandy ...

a once in a lifetime event
surging walls of water
full moon
coverging forces
 said crack meterologist
Sam Champion

Super Storm
Halloween Super Storm
Storm of the Century

Surge is the word

 the local station weather team
 are offering
 the Sandy Survival Guide
with a special segment:
 what to tell your children about the storm

predictions say
 Atlantic City is 'ground zero'

it will hit the casinos and beach
full force 
 around midnight 

which means 
the news people
 the weather people 
will be on air 

 the little news there is

 bolstering it 

Sandy might be the greatest threat to human life
comparing it to the movie
 The Perfect Storm
to Katrina
to that movie 
with Morgan Freeman 
where that giant wave wiped out the country

with potential power outages numbers
 letting everyone know
 the officials
 are prepared
 in the next breath
 they're saying 
what they feel 
 still go wrong

offering tips
 if your power goes out 
dont open your fridge
 food will stay edible longer 
(because you wont be eating it?)

yesterday at the nail salon
of course 
I got my nails done
 a girl has to look good 
even, no, especially
 if Stormaggedon is coming
a woman wondered if the restaurants would be open and delivering
the NYC subways shut down last night
NJ transit shut down yesterday afternoon
people are being encouraged to stay home
my office is closed
Columbia University is closed
a teacher 
having her nails done
 this is the first time that's ever happened

Fresh Direct 
cancelled my Sunday food/grocery delivery
 I decided
 I had 
to go get some food

 the grocery and specialty food stores
 are small
major supermarkets
 on the 
Upper Westside

 had a long line outside from the time they opened
 letting only a few customers in at a time

Westside Market
 was total insanity
 shelves were empty early in the day

also was monitoring 
the number of people permitted to shop

 it was a free for all
 the crowds were crazy
 I know
 I braved it 
with a friend 
we tag teamed
 the counters
 she got a number for the prepared foods
I waited on the bread/bakery line
the check out was easy 
I scored enough to keep us from starving during the next few days
of more concern
my flight 
Wednesday morning

so far its not been cancelled
it looks like Cincinnati 
isnt in the strike zone 
I am going
 to insist
hit and run
 get outta here
 early enough on Tuesday
 so the airports will reopen
I get out of town
after all
its always about me!


  1. Good nails and Zabars - yup, you're all set! Stay warm and dry my friend.

  2. Wow... I am concerned for you my friend... do take care, I'm praying for you! xo

  3. I can't stop saying Oy!
    the wind this morn is already wicked
    the street I was on yesterday taking pics is now flooded
    Isadora is sleeping but Siren knows something is up so he's patroling the house, sniffing out signs of Sandy


    love the pic of Harry below

  4. Thank goodness you got your nails done!!! There must be a good reason for heading out to Ohio this week. Why not stay on that plane until it gets to the West Coast and enjoy our weather?

  5. We're seeing it all on TV and really feel for you all. Stay Safe Daryl and I hope you are still able to get your flight to Cincinnati,

  6. Yep. I think I'll polish my nails today. Hope you make your trip!

  7. pack warm clothing! I'm only a couple of hours from Cincinnati and the temps have dropped dramatically in the last 24 hours. (from high 70's down to low 40's)
    We are about as far west as the 'storm' will reach, and it is raining and windy here = expect snow showers tomorrow as the two storms merge...
    Gosh, tv is showing the waves lapping at the edges of Battery Park...take care and stay safe! Will be thinking of you!
    Oh, glad you got 'beautified':)

  8. My gosh you said a mouthful!! Lawsy, I have not stopped thinking about you! Please be safe (I know you will)! Goodness. Gracious.


  9. LOL...stay safe! Sending good thoughts to all.

  10. I texted my son in Brooklyn while he was working in the kitchen at Five Leaves yesterday, asking him how he was getting home with MTA shut down. He simply responded: I'll be fine mom. Love you. That is NOT reassurance for this mother! Be safe, Daryl!

  11. Scary stuff Daryl, keep yourself, Jack, Harry and Toonman safe indoors.

  12. It's going to be cold in Cincinnati! I didn't experience what you did here with the shopping. But I went early each morning when there weren't many people out and about. Yes, it looks like Atlantic City could really take a beating. This could be big.

  13. Well, I'm sitting over here in Amsterdam watching CNN report on Sandy. Looks like it is aimed straight for Philly and the winds are up to 90. One guy just said that with that wind and rain, it will knock down all trees in its path. OMG! We have so many in our yard and the ground was already so saturated before this storm. Alex has prepared as much as she can. Hard to be over here right now. Actually, it's cold and rainy, not much good for photo exploring.
    Love catching up on your new resident and glad to see he and Jack are good buds now. Have fun in Cinci and wave at my daughter as you fly over!

  14. Thinking of you and hope you are all safe!

  15. just stay safe. prayers for you and the rest of the city. we're hunkered down out here in the boonies too.

  16. may it all just blow over quickly without any casualties & may we all get to keep our power - amen.
    oh yeah, & may Daryl please get to go safely & without incident to Cincinnati !!!

  17. I hope you are safe at home, and doing okay.
    Prepare for the weather in Cincinnati. Real cold there now.
    Stay safe.

  18. Stay safe and don't take any chances out there. See you on the other side.

  19. OMG - Zabars! I would totally be boxing people out to get to the cheese/dairy case. I know it's not over yet, but I can honestly say this was not the storm of the century for Virginia. Hopefully you'll be able to say the same after it's said and done. Stay dry/safe and full of Zabars cheese.

  20. Hey Daryl, I hope Sandy passes you by quickly. We've been having a little grumble about our weather here in the UK - as we always do - but we really have nothing to complain about. I've seen the news and NY looks pretty hair-raising at the moment! Keep safe x x x

  21. HOW DID I miss those sweet 'waitings' or Super brave cat? little tsunami warnings can be SO disruptive!

    thanks for this first-person reportage. you gotta look good for your public!

    no more Gristedes?

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  22. Oh, hurricane preparation. I know it well and grateful I haven't had to go through it in awhile. Be safe!! Hope you make it to Cincinnati on time!

  23. We have been listening to warnings and prep advice for at least a week! So far we have been very lucky at our house. No power loss yet although everyone else I know seems to have lost it. My biggest problem of the storm is Miss Molly. She escaped on Sunday when guests let the door open and she has been spending the storm under the porch...apparantly too scared to come out. I have tried everything I can think of and will be calling the vet and animal control officer tomorrow if she is still there. Needless to say I have been unable to stay calm....Hope your travel plans aren't affected...

  24. I've been listening to the news and thinking of you. Stay safe!

  25. Daryl, I hope that you are safe and will not be without power. We see many hurricanes where I live but the logistics of NYC with that much wind and water is mind-boggling! Let us know that you are okay.


  26. I hear it's mighty wet there in nyc, and I hope you are snug and safe. I wonder if your power is out. I'm glad you managed to get some groceries, and I bet your nails look awesome.

    Surely by Wednesday, flights will be going out...

  27. Thinking of you and Toonman, Daryl. Worrying about the Chesapeake Bay Family in Mathews county. Wondering about Lily Hydrangea.
    What are all you people doing out there anyway?
    Oh, okay, that's where you live.
    There was an earthquake two days ago in British Columbia where my family lives.
    Whether there's weather, or whether there's not, I guess we just put one foot in front of the other and see what happens.
    Do be safe, though, Daryl.

  28. Keeping good thoughts for you and Toonman ..

    Living in Florida I have been through countless
    'close' storms and two major hurricanes that
    hit Gainesville. It gets to you after awhile..
    stay safe !!

  29. It sounds like things are pretty scary over there at the moment! Thinking of you and hoping that you're keeping safe!!

  30. pretty nails and awesome rye bread. What more does a gal need? Hope your flight will go out.

  31. Worried about you...hope all is fine, fine, fine!


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