in a new york minute

a jaded New Yorker 
can't ignore 
the leaves changing 
they never 
fall foliage coloring 
they do turn 
you need to be observant
 they go 
green to gone
New York 

Spotted those 
 walking to my favorite coffee dispenser
 Irving Farms
 strong coffee isn't Starbucks bitter
 berry scones and cheesy biscuits 

Didn't do a lot this weekend
still adjusting to being a one cat house
missing Rosie a lot
 no walks were taken
 a lot of golf and football

 I know 
you're reading this 
get out and walk today

there was 
 cooking happening
 I reprised
 if you do something 3 times are you still reprising?
 I made more turkey meatballs on Saturday 
damn they're good
 so easy

 Sunday afternoon
 I wanted pancakes
 so I made them
 oh my 
they were good

 our oven
 (no, I didn't bake the pancakes) 
has been used more in the past few weeks
it has in years

 I am 
 to a return to cooking
 you won't
 find me
 in the kitchen whipping up dinner
I did enjoy making those pancakes
 so fluffy
 so yummy

 next time 
I am making
 blueberry pancakes
 I bet
 they go as well with grilled chicken as the plain ones do

So did you do any cooking? 
 Any fall foliage fotos?
  Come on, spill!
  As always its more fun with you!


  1. Fun to spend a weekend in the kitchen once in a while. I cook almost every night, but I enjoy it and I work from home, so it's really not a burden.

  2. I don't like to cook, but I do love to bake.
    Hmmmmm, couldn't be because I love sweets, now could it??
    Anyway, no baking this past weekend, but baking at least banana bread this week as my son will be home for a couple of days this coming weekend.
    Happy Monday to you!

    P.S Are you out walking Toonman?????? :-)

  3. Won't find me in the kitchen, girl! Much rather be outside taking photos. And yes, the leaves are turning up here. Hope there are some left on the trees when you get here!!!

  4. I think about cooking but that is about it. If the temps ever cool down, I will get out the crockpot and toss some good stuff in for easy meals. I have never been successful with pancakes but I can do french toast. Mmmmmm....that sounds good.

  5. I made Italian Drip Beef a la PW! Toonman, get out and go for a walk. It was a bad weekend for golf and football NY.

  6. Your writing makes me hungry. As for leaves, ours have been dead and dry for a long while, but believe it or not, a nearby chestnut tree I called 'dead' is now getting new green leaves and flowers; it's been so warm.

    What did I cook? Chicken corn soup!

  7. I've not been home in nearly four weeks (at Frank's) so the blogging is suffering. The photos are piling up. And that cooking sounds yummy but why did I think you were vegetarian?

  8. Good choice Daryl, blueberry pancakes go with everything!! I must admit I do enjoy cooking, we're heating up here in Perth so there will be lots of salads..the baking as you know I leave entirely to Aimee, she's so darned good at it..unfortunately for my hips haha!

  9. This is my first visit here. I really enjoyed the way you turned the moment to moment of ordinary life into poetry.

  10. Daryl, Ummm, Blueberry pancakes! Glad you had a great weekend!
    Fall is definitely here, but the weather has been nice. Warm during the day, but cool at night.

  11. Yep... fall is happening here, although today's rain is dampening things a bit. Pancakes ?^^

  12. oooh .. dissing my Starbucks...
    its okay .. I don't even drink 'regular' coffee.
    I'm a tea person..... but those Starbucks lattes
    on a cold day are sooo goood..

  13. Toonman...please walk!

    I will never spend much time cooking in the kitchen. Occasionally it's okay.

    If it stops raining, I'll try to get some shots of our fall foliage. It can be quite pretty!

    I like pancakes.

    xoxoxox :( Rosie

  14. More old and new leaves. I like Starbucks but it is bitter. Nothing wrong with coffee being strong and smooth.

    Sorry about your kitty, I hate losing critters. Such an emptiness afterwards.

  15. There is something about fall that makes me want to cook...maybe I'm just storing up fat for hibernating?! Ugh! And I was out searching for color over the weekend...not so much here in the suburbs yet. Pancakes for dinner tonight...I haven't had those in ages...thanks!

  16. all it takes is one good windy day and the leaves are gone!
    I've been taking all the shots I can


  17. No cooking here...unless it's me, baking in this unbelievable heat! My temperature rant: It is 109 here today. The air conditioning is running full blast & I'm cranky. This is no way to start October...okay, I'm done ranting.
    p.s. glad you finally got your pancakes!

  18. My aunt (Julie's mom) said the fall foliage in Chicago is over the top gorgeous this year. Here, tho there is some color, most of the leaves are just shriveling up. I'm impressed with your cooking! Do you use a recipe for those meatballs? Share please! Just say a delightful chicken dish with a blueberry sauce over all. So I'm thinkin' blueberry pancakes would be a perfect side to your chicken.

  19. berry scones, cheesy biscuits and changing idea of heaven..

  20. I love that a new york minute!
    This weekend I rocked the kitchen with baked crusted chicken tenderloins on Friday, fried oysters on Saturday and Sunday Cdub manned the grill with some smoked pork chops!

  21. I'm very impressed with all your kitchen time. I grilled a little this weekend, some fish and shrimp. Made some homemade macaroni and cheese. Nothing very exciting.

    If I were you I'd be living up the block at Zabars and eating from there every day. That was like being a kid in a candy store.

  22. I used my won bread machine (thanx Dar) today and made beans and barley soup from scratch. Apparently living ashore makes one a Bubby

    Aloha from Honolulu,
    Wishing YOU the Best
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  23. It's still acting like summer, here.
    dang it now I want pancakes.
    I made an awesome Mac and Cheese the other day.
    I'm sorry about Rosie.....

  24. it's still feeling like summer here in the Midwest, with temps in the 80's today, but coolness is on its way for the weekend. leaves are golden and falling - it's true they are gone in a New York minute. I like it to happen slowly - to unfold and if we don't get high winds, that's what it does. since ending a 5-day juice cleanse I'm cooking and baking like mad - but keeping it clean with organics. I'm deeply sorry about your kitty Rosie. when I saw her sweet face I was crestfallen. and I don't care much for Starbucks either... happy week to you Daryl.

  25. I so glad you made your pancakes and they came out good! I love to cook and bake but now with just the mister and myself I do less and less of it because I am seeing more and more of the the two of us:) What I would do to be able to eat whatever I cooked without concern!

    Maybe you can tell that I am back on Weight Watchers:)

  26. the colors out here in Pa are getting gorgeous. it's my favorite time of year. a blue sky leaf peak day is a slice of heaven as far as i am concerned. i did a little cooking but we went out for thai as a celebration of several family birthdays so that was a treat.

  27. Great POV here. I love shooting up through the trees!

    And meatball recipe svp~!


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