busy busy busy

it was a fun weekend

never do anything right away
 a shelf
 I've wanted to buy
 years and years
 got bought 
 hung this

 that's Turk 
our friend
 Andrew Johns
 who  writes the teleplays he and Toonman do 
made him
 two other figures 
we have
our living room 

be scarves
 on those pegs
 but for now

 almost as long
 as I've wanted that shelf 
I have wanted
 a painting by San Merideth

 used to blog
now its only on special occasions
 you'll see her blog update 

San and her husband 
live and create art in Santa Fe
  they own Convergence Gallery there
 of course 
when I was in Santa Fe
 this past summer
 she and her husband
 were off visiting family out of state

  I bought a small painting by Brad Stroman

 I drooled over the incredible sunset series
 she's been painting

 well I got lucky
 she said
 make her an offer
 I did 
she accepted
its now hanging in our bedroom
 over the bed
 its called 
High Road to Taos 

while my heart 
still aches 
for Rose
 we have adopted a new 'baby' 
 in Edison NJ 

his name is 

we think 
he is purr-fect

did not welcome him politely 
 Harry has better manners 
 a 'that's okay with me' personality

It will take a little while 
 I've no doubt 
they will be friends


  1. Oh Daryl...he's just gorgeous! What a lucky lucky boy to have been rescued by you. I hope he & Jack will be great friends in no time. Give them both a kiss from me...xo

  2. OMG Harry is a cutie! he's adorable.
    your weekend sounds splendid.

  3. This post really shows your love of the color red. I really like the painting above your bed.

  4. Beautiful paintings, you've got a great eye! Welcome aboard Harry, I'm sure you'll be settled right in in no time.

  5. Oh yes, beautiful paintings! And Turk, cool! Mr. Harry is just adorable!

  6. the shelf is wonderful, Turk looks so cool there
    the painting is gorgeous, suits your bedroom perfectly
    San is amazingly talented

    and Harry!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OY, my heart
    he's so handsome and has such a sweet kind face
    and he's from Jersey!
    that's just perfect
    he and Jack will be good friends soon

  7. Harry is highly photogenic.

    And that photo in your bedroom is gorgeous.

  8. Great shelf, great painting, it captures the high road perfectly. One of our cats LJ got outside and went walkabout overnight. But he came back all freaked out the next day. Kind of a scare. Where do you go looking for a cat when they take a runner?

  9. Turk is cool! I love the painting and Harry is very handsome!

  10. Well, welcome home Mr. Harry!! You sure are a beautiful one, and you know what?
    I think you have the "bestest" Mom and Dad out there!

    Mr. Jack, take some time for your little "snit," and then do welcome Mr. Harry. I know you miss Rose, but I am sure Rose would want you to have a friend, and Harry sure sounds like a really nice guy.

    Congratulations on your new addition Daryl and Toonman!!

    What a gorgeous painting this is Daryl, and it looks like you've found the perfect place for it.

  11. Harry has such a regal look...I'm sure after Jack makes sure that Harry realizes he is moving into Jack's home the both of them will be great friends...just a bit of male bonding needed there:) Congratulations on your adoption!
    Turk looks very comfortable on your new shelf, love that color.
    You did get something with a heart on it from Sante Fe, very interesting.
    The painting is just brilliant, liking it a lot-
    You had a busy weekend!

  12. Harry is a seriously handsome cat. And your bedroom! From the glimpse given here, I think I could spend hours in it exploring through the ephemera. Way cool!

  13. Except for our canine/feline preferences, you and I have the same taste. I love those paintings, including the one you bought, and I like the colors, treasures in your bedroom.

  14. A new baby in the house is always fun. Welcome Harry! How old?

    Love the heart art and your new shelf and painting.

  15. Harry! I love his expression and his colors. So much going on in this post, I can't think of enough to say except Thanks for sharing:-)

  16. What a fun weekend. And those paintings - so vivid and wow!

  17. What a handsome boy you have there! LOVE both of those paintings.

  18. What a winner that found you! Look at that face. . . such an elegant creature, Harry no doubt feels comfortable with your excellent taste (love the green of the shelf). Yes, there is always a place in our heart for our friends who have gone, but it becomes less wound, more reliquary of sweet memories as time goes by.

    Warm Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  19. What a great post Daryl, I love it when you do a nice big newsy one. The shelf looks fantastic, well worth waiting for, wonder how long and what will be hanging there! Harry is so handsome, I think he and Jack will end up the best of buddies..hopefully!! Never mind the painting (which is gorgeous) I adore that shelving unit around your bed, so many interesting 'favourite' things collected there over the years. Hope we get to see and hear about the Harry/Jack developing relationship.

  20. I love those shelves with Shaker pegs! I have one Mr. BFR made me. The sunset painting is stunning and such a wonderful match for your room. What a great addition to your space. And Harry? OMG so handsome. The boys will be getting along in no time, I'm sure.

  21. Absolutely love that painting! And Harry! Well, what is there to say ... he does pose so handsomely for the camera. And Jack will soon come around, no doubt.

  22. Harry is gorgeous!

    If you want to compare procrastination...I have been painting the insides of some cupboards that were built over 20 years ago! I finally gave up on waiting for Mr O to find time:)

  23. Since I'm reading backwards I just realized how new your little Harry is to you! That shot is soooo adorable of him. And WOW those Taos paintings are gorgeous!


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