water tower

taken last fall 
 last spring
 West End Avenue 

I recognize
looking things
 on the 
Collegiate Church
 on the corner
WEA at 78th Street 
 maybe its 77th St 
you know me
directionally challenged
 eh Lauren?

 I am pretty sure 
I took this 
 the old Olympus Stylus 9000

 I like all the shades 

hope your week
 is moving right along

we're still experiencing 
some amazingly cool
 humidity free
 makes me
I am still not totally ready to embrace fall

are you?


  1. I feel as you do...not ready to let go of summer in part because it was so hot and miserable it seems as though I hid for a large part of it and missed it and although fall is beautiful I know what it is leading to...
    But what will be will be...I'm appreciating the cooler temps..easier sleeping...it's good..

  2. I'm sure enjoying our temps these days...at the lake we are still in the 80's and high 70's...which is unheard of in mid September!! I am not complaining one single bit as I am enjoying this. I wish it could stay in the 70's all year round. What a perfect world that would be!!

  3. Check out Slow Shutter Cam...FREE today in the App Store!! I know you will experiment with it...as I do! Enjoy!!

  4. I too like the shades of tans and the lines. I love this weather -- wish it would be like this all year round.

  5. Great shot through the branches! This week....too much personal stuff going on and it's making my head spin. It's almost 11 AM and I JUST got to into the office...actually VERY GLAD to be here! I need to go to a sanitarium in the Swiss Alps where they wrap you in a robe and let you sit in the sun and look at the mountains! Or is that just in the movies?

  6. Love your angle on this image Daryl, lovely to see that crisp fall sky. Anyway..I bet you look fab in jeans and boots!!

  7. I just love your water towers. Actually, I am ready for fall. It's now cooler here, but not crisp yet.

  8. Daryl, I'm not sure about this tower! It seems a bit to close to the edge for comfort!
    Our weather has been cool too! But it's been sunny and in the 70's during the day! But it was down to 45 last night. Chilly! I don't think I ready for fall yet. But I guess there's no stopping it!

  9. How nice this is, especially against that wonderful blue sky.

    I am ready to embrace fall only if it promises to stay above 50 degrees for a while! :-) It's not looking good, as the thermometer read 38 when I set out for work this morning.

  10. I'm saving my one water tower picture for a special occasion. Not as good as yours though.

  11. I'm never ready to see summer go. But I agree, this weather has been great.

    Love the photo.

  12. S ready! And is that a new Header? And is it real???? Yowza!!!

  13. Got a little chilly last night and realized I wasn't quite ready for it. Wishing the 70's would last just a little longer.

    I do love the sky this time of year. So blue...like the colors in this great shot!

  14. Fall is my favorite season...and I am ready! I love how I have to open the windows and doors to let the heat IN at this time of year:) I love sleeping without the drone of an air conditioner too...just that crisp air and a nice warm blanket:)


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