walking dead

No Fridaycation
 apres Labor Day
 back to full weeks

last night
 my dinner
 a slice of birthday cake
it was good
I baked it
from a mix
but still 
I baked it
iced it

 your cake
 room temp 
kept in the fridge?

I like it kept in the fridge
there's something about
cold cake
 the edges 
where its cut?

Oven isnt level
Toonman says the floor isnt level
the cake?
not level

I filled in the lopsidedness with extra icing
oh yeah


gotta get to work

enjoy your day
see you later!


  1. HA! Yes, they do appear to be the walking dead.... what a fun shot, Daryl. Have a fabulous week-end and a belated Happy Birthday to your husband!

  2. This whole post made me smile. Get those mean landlords to fix the problem;) If you are gonna be baking, we cannot have this! xoxo

  3. Happy belated birthday to the wonderful, non-lopsided husband!

    I love icing, it's the best part. Room temp or cold, either one.

  4. I like warm lopsided cake.

    I'm also an anomaly, in that I am one of those who prefers the cake over the frosting. Truth. I'll scrape off the frosting and give it to you if you say you like the frosting best. As long as the cake has just a little bit of frosting to moisten it, I'm fine.

    Also, as long as I'm here, I like YOU. I received "Miss Subways" in the mail yesterday. Thanks!

  5. No icing for me thanks! That's why I only bake bundt cakes:) Warm or cold makes no difference...

    Love the photo!

  6. I just love cake. Being home along (boo hoo) for my birthday, I did not indulge in cake. I tried an apple pie but I'm very picky about apple pie. I didn't like it so I fed it to the chickens. I will go in search of good cake today or tomorrow. And I really like cold cake too.

    Great photo!

  7. Daryl, I like this shot! An appropriate title!
    Like my cake cold too!

  8. I want a piece of the lopsided side, for the extra frosting! :-)
    I like my cake cold, and if it's room temp, I just add some ice cream.
    Re: Fridaycations :-(

  9. Thinking too much about cake, and forgot to say what a perfect title this is for this photograph!

  10. When I saw the title of this post in my sidebar, I thought maybe you'd found some zombies!!! ;-) As for cake and icing....give me lots of icing every time! I must admit I've never had a refrigerated cake before, though.

  11. Zombies!!
    I actually like my cake frozen.
    see, I put it in the freezer so I will not eat it...but it does not work.lol

  12. i don't think i've heard of keeping the cake in a fridge except when i lived in the tropics and to do otherwise meant bugs galore. but if it makes you happy have at it :)

  13. leftover cake would be kept in the
    fridge.. but at room temp for eating....
    never have leftovers anyway......

  14. Walking dead...that's a hoot but so appropriate for the shot! And I'll take cake anyway I can get it! Especially with extra icing! This is sick but I love the old fashioned wedding cakes...yellow cake, buttercream icing (lots), lemon filling and refrigerated or a day old (so wierd!!) In the old, ancient days you would get a slice of wedding cake when leaving a wedding...as a favor. The old wives' tale would be that if you placed it under your pillow, you would dream about the man you would marry. The only thing I got was a soiled pillow case...but you knew that! Although I think I had a dream once about a bakery.

  15. is there ANY level domestic surface in the City? Haven't experienced that!

    Have a Great Weekend, dear Daryl & LoonyToon
    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  16. Laughing at your photo and post title. And I'll take my cake warm or cold. Love that you bake one every year ~

  17. Wait--there's something called leftover cake?!

  18. Both ways and none of us are level either LOL

  19. Birthday cake (I like mine cold; chocolate cake with white icing....) is the best dinner....

  20. Absolutely in the fridge. I prefer anything cho0colate in the fridge.. dark chocolate, chocolate cookies.. pudding. I'm drooling. I bet you ate a slice from the extra frosting side. ;)


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