under the overpass 
under the Westside Highway
under the Henry Hudson Parkway
under Route 9A
under the Joe DiMaggio Highway

not far from Trumpistan

looking up from Riverside Park South

the highway
 is under
 has many names 
 toll ways
 your part 
 have more than one name?


  1. I guess it's true; a skilled photographer can make a compelling photograph from the most uninspired material.

  2. do trolls live under the bridge?
    deb kitts (I've been unable to access my blogger account...guess I'll start a new one)

  3. Cool shot. You made me think....nothing comes to mind for odd names like over the whatever or under the whatever here, but I'm sure there's something. Actually I've photographed a lot Belgrade's new 'Most na Adi' (bridge on the river island), but it isn't really 'na' (on) it's 'preko' (over) since the bridge doesn't touch down there.

  4. No wonder I have trouble knowing where I am when ever I happen to visit NYC:) The rural road I live on has two different names on different maps...or at least it used to. Google maps has it right though:)

  5. it's funny, NJ really only has one name for any way but people from here all their lives use landmarks rather than names
    i.e., turn left where the gas station used to be instead of a road name

    love the shot
    the angles are cool

  6. Oh my goodness, how did you ever spot this one?
    Nicely seen and captured!

  7. Great shot Daryl and I love your Header!

    I thought it was odd that the Roosevelt is supposed to be haunted by Marilyn too but apparently Marilyn's reflection is often seen in the mirror in the room she used for three months, maybe the hotel held good memories for her.

    We may be coming to NY next year. x

  8. good three..

    and yes.

    hwy 26 = Sunset hwy

    hwy 8 = TV hwy

    hwy 4 = ocean beach hwy

    etc,etc, etc.

  9. Daryl, cool! We have two freeways and both of them have more than one name! All the roads in our municipality also have two names!

  10. ours are silly, because one can "adopt" a roadway, getting a sign on it that says you adopted it. But the signs always say one thing, and the locals always refer to it as something different. And the 'tourons' get very confused when we give them directions.
    Cool shot :)

  11. Yes,we have several roads with more than one name. The route number, the current name, and the old/common name are always in competition with one another.


  12. I must have a mental block because I can never understand how some people remember the #s of roads. I just can't...I always call a road/street by it's name. It's Cranbury Road, NOT Rt. 535 or whatever it is. And NJ is famous for it's jug handles or u-turns and circles or round-abouts. 'Jug Handle' has got to have an interesting origin!

  13. Oh yes, the Hawaii belt road on the big Island is route 19 I believe. And the H-1 as it goes through down=town Honolulu is the Queen Liliʻuokalani Freeway; stuff like that...I love that gritty pic

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  14. There's a show on telly here called 'Underbelly' (about gangsters in Sydney)but it's what I thought of when I saw this image Daryl. We're pretty boring here in Perth, we have roads, streets, highways, freeways, avenues, closes, terraces..hey hang on maybe not so boring after all haha!


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