do you want pancakes, he said

it was 
a lovely weekend 

 I beautified
 got a hair cut
 did some wandering
 visited the flea market
 all in all 
a quiet weekend

  I cant remember
 it was Friday night
 maybe Saturday morning

 there was a commercial
 for something
 maybe it was 
 not sure

 it had

I have had a serious pancake jones for months now

I said 
oooh pancakes

 Toonman replied 
you want pancakes?

 I said
 I love pancakes
 I was just commenting on the commercial

 Toonman said
 you want pancakes, we can make pancakes

 we couldnt 
we had 
pancake mix
 (or even flour should we have wanted insanely to make them from scratch) 

 put both on his shopping list
when I woke on Sunday morning
 right after
 he said 
good morning
 he said
 do you want pancakes for breakfast?

 I said no, but I wouldnt mind them for dinner 

Fast forward 
Sunday night

 Toonman decided he was hungry

 I said 

I need to take photos of this

 I heard him muttering
 about how he might do the whole box
 I wasnt really listening
 I was getting the iPhone

 back in the kitchen

 he was getting down the mixing bowl,
 opening the pancake mix box 
 about to dump it into the mixing bowl 

move your hand 
so I can see its pancake mix

open the milk carton

 measure the 3/4 of a cup

 measure the tablespoon of cooking oil

break an egg

get the yolk falling
 he said

add the milk, oil and egg

 whisk to get the lumps out

uh oh forgot to get the griddle down
get the griddle and turn the burner on low

while I was doing that 
he was whisking
I looked over 

it seems
 did not read
 the instructions
 on the back of the box 
 the first step:
 1 cup dry measure pancake mix

was thrown out
( if I a muffin tray/pan we could have made muffins or even biscuits but instead it ended up in the trash)
 I pointed out
 the icon of a
 on the back of the box

he said
 he thought
 was for the milk

he still owes me a pancake dinner

I wish I had video taped it

none of these photos are signed


  1. We had pancakes for breakfast one morning in Vegas. Definitely not what we call pancakes, they were like small pillows and indigestible! Our pancakes are more like crepes - thin and delicate. I wonder if the chef made a mistake in mixing the batter? We didn't order pancakes again.

  2. Love it!!! Way too funny. Isn't this where you're supposed to say "It's the thought that counts"?

  3. 1. That was hysterical. Come over here one day, Jay will make you pancakes - he makes them for the kids every weekend :).
    2. I have the same frying pan.

  4. OMG!!! Too funny! But it's the thought that counts;) xoxo

  5. Ha! Love your narration of that little kitchen fiasco. Hope you get pancakes sometime soon!

  6. Oh, Daryl, what fun! Men never read directions. 'Well, I thought it was...' is my husband's favorite line, too, second only to, 'But you didn't tell me...'
    When we were kids, Dad made pancakes. I suspect Mom might have mixed the batter from scratch, but Dad 'made' the pancakes because he poured the batter into the pan in animal shapes for us.

  7. You are a regular Pioneer Woman of New York City by gum. When is the second try going to air?

  8. Hahaha! you guys sound like me, I can cook up a storm, but don't ask me to bake anything..that's Aimee's department! What about a pic of the new 'do'!!

  9. ooooopsie!! the good part is, it's still an upcoming event for you guys!! I'm a waffle girl and love having overnight company as an excuse to make those delicious little treats in the morning!!! xoxo

  10. Dang... now I want a pancake too... it's lunch time, but what they heck. I can have a pancake for lunch if I feel like it.

  11. you guys are adorable

    now I want pancakes
    I can hardly wait until it's cold enough to wear a coat
    then I don't have to get dressed to go to the diner :)

  12. That's just too freakin' funny. His heart was very much in the right place, but OMG.

  13. You mean he put the ENTIRE box of mix into the bowl? What a hoot. You two are way tooooooooooooooooooooooooo damn funny. Say goodnight Gracie. Great post. Cheers!!

  14. heehee I would have liked to have seen that video.
    Hope you get your pancake fix soon. :)

  15. Hahahaha!! It is sooo much easier to just go out for pancakes:) Just sayin...

  16. Food photography at its best! IHOP is open late!

  17. Oh my...that is truly something my husband would do so I can relate. We do make pancakes every so often & they are never as good as pancakes out. It's a baffling mystery. I do hope you get your pancake dinner soon & they are de-lish!

  18. haha ... IHOP would be much easier
    and both you and Toonman can sit back and read
    the paper while someone else prepares the pancakes...

  19. Another Toon Man Folly to make us all jolly!

    Aloha from Honolulu,

    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>

  20. This was fun running commentary, surely you were disruptive to his pancake mixing mojo!

  21. What a wonderful post, and what a wonderful guy your Toonman is!!
    I wish you would have video taped it too!

  22. Hahaha too funny! You should definitely give pancakes-from-scratch a go, they aren't that hard and soooo yummy

  23. oh gosh, honey. you should have been here for my son's birthday meal. he wanted "brinner" which means breakfast for dinner...complete with PANCAKES. lots and lots of pancakes! (blueberry and chocolate chip) are you enticed yet?

  24. know after all of that mixing etc..

    you could have put two eggs in a jug, 1 cup milk 1 cup raising flour
    and a half cup of melted butter/marge whisk..leaving lumps voila who need jemima...

    make some last night with canadian bacon and a lovely yokey egg deeelish..butter and tons of maple..

    yummmmm any time of day...

    go for it toon man

  25. Oh, what a precious post...even if the pancakes didn't turn out. I miss someone to make pancakes to or to make pancakes for me. :=(

  26. Hilarious!!!! This sounds so much like a typical scene between me and my husband. I hope you've gotten your pancakes by now!

  27. D'OHHH!!! My sympathies to both of you! I've been in his position, & in yours, many times before...


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