water towers

You may have noticed
 my new header photo 
 I was given permission to use it 
the photo was taken by
click on his name
 to learn about this talented artist
see his website 

formalities aside

 I did get out to 

 for those who dont speak acronym
 that translates to 
Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass
 its a very arty area
just over and between
Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges

 I took the subway 
Chambers Street 
 City Hall 
walked toward 
the Brooklyn Bridge

 there's a pedestrian walkway
the city
this time of year 
to spruce up the grand dame of bridges
 so a lot of the view
 is blocked 
by painter drop cloths
 of the giant bridge draping size
fear not
there is still a lot of undraped view
 the bridge span 
 1595 feet and 6 inches 
a little over a mile 
an easy walk 
there are benches
 for those who need to rest 
just sit and take in the view 
when its not shrouded in drop cloths 

I was determined to get a photo of 
Tom Fruin's gorgeous stained glass water tank
click here to read about it
isnt that photo great?

they had to have used
 a longer lens
 than I have 
they've Photoshopped the image 
 I couldnt see it from the Brooklyn Bridge
  as I got closer to Brooklyn 
I kept
my 28-300mm lens
 this way 
to see the 
water tank

I spied this 

at first
 I thought 
the stained glass was wrapped in red/white 



 I spotted 
might be
  Fruin's tank
 it was quite a distance away 
 looking very small 

this photo 
 at the highest resolution possible 
in as tight as my D90 could

I've cropped it even tighter here

the resolution isnt great

Water towers/tanks 

that's the 
Manhattan Bridge 
 a tower/tank behind it

 subway trains 
as well as
 foot traffic 
across the East River 
to the
Lower Eastside of Manhattan

I wandered
took some photos of
(those photos are over on Through My Eyes)
headed back to Manhattan on the Ferry
standing out on the rear upper deck
looking back 
there it was
Fruin's tank!
(I wasnt sure I had actually gotten it from the bridge til I was home and downloading pix)

I took several photos
 not sure
 how good 
they'd be 
 I was on a ferry bouncing along on the river

 read about
 The Water Tank Project
like it 
its a great awareness program
 how important 
water is 
as a resource

Thanks for joining me on my adventure!


  1. Before I get sidetracked with the stained glass water tank, a mention must be given to the very lovely candy striped tank you found quite unexpectedly. As for Tom Fruin's glass tower, it is more than fabulous, I checked out his website, his work is spectacular..you can see from the pictures that it looks so good at night lit up, but I should imagine seeing it for real would be a whole new experience. The 'down under' Manhatten Bridge made me smile y'know 'down under' very Oz! I enjoyed the trip Daryl, your shot of Jane's Carousel is excellent, I hope everyone goes over to have a look!

  2. wow, what a cool water tank sculpture! thanks for sharing

  3. Love Fruin's water tank. Love the new header! Very cool. Thanks for taking us along on your excursion.

  4. I SO love walking in the City - esp with YOU, Dar

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } ( ° >

  5. Love your new header - so kind that you are allowed to use that photo!
    You had quite a nice trip to see the stained glass tower (it is beautiful, btw)
    walking, taking the subway and the ferry. I'm so glad you took us along.
    I admire that you do so much research on any subject you are interested in, I do the same.

  6. Great header and I love the stained glass effect tower - cool!

  7. that header but me into water tower overload!!
    I must say I like that Dumbo thing..very cute name.
    "so, what part of NY do you live in..?"

  8. I love this! The stained glass water tower was obviously taken right from the roof where it sits. Maybe you could get up there . . . somehow.
    Wonderful trip - thanks for taking all these!

  9. Love this post and the photos. I saw that red and white striped tank (and snapped a photo too) but did not see the stained glass tank. And I'm so mad I didn't think of taking the ferry across the river. We took the subway.

  10. I'm not aware of any other artist focusing on water towers. Your pictures of this subject would make an interesting coffee table book.

  11. What a fun outing, thanks for taking me along with you. The header photo is fabulous, especially for someone with a weekly focus on water towers.

  12. Love your header!
    And I learn something new today, DUMBO! Very interesting WW entry!

    Mariposa's WW

  13. Nice walk with you today, you did a fine job on the water tower.. I think it's proximity your short on, not skill or equipmemnt. You need to get access to a nearby roof!

  14. What a fun walk! I love that banner photo - thanks for introducing us to the photographer. And what a beautiful stained glass water tank!

  15. Daryl, Wow! You out tanked yourself! I love your new header. I wish you had taken it! Your shots are fab!!! I love the stain glass tank! How neat is that!
    You had a great adventure! Wish I'd been with you!

  16. What a fun trip Daryl, and that technicolor tower?
    Just amazing.
    Thank you for taking us along with you!

  17. the header is amazing
    and I assumed you took it, your work is that good

    love the stained glass tank
    looks like a candle holder I have

    amazing post!!

  18. My.favorite.post.EVER.

    I would be in water tower heaven if I had just been walking with you. I have goosebumps. I am in need of an intervention.

    I think Mr. Fruin was standing right in front of the tank when he took that shot. You did an outstanding job, Daryl.

    I feel nauseated LOL or it's butterflies. Gah.

  19. What a wonderful adventure, Daryl. Now I want a stained glass water tank, but I'll probably have to live without one.

  20. Gorgeous header!

    This kind of post makes me wish that my daughter didn't move out of Brooklyn:) Fruin's stained glass water tower is beautiful even at a distance!

  21. These are great shots, especially the ones of the stained glass water tank. Thanks for sharing them!

  22. Great header...
    checked out the stain glass artist.. nice work.
    wonderful post as always.. love walking about
    with you ( at least vicariously I don't need to
    sit down and rest trying to follow ).

  23. OMG, love the striped one almost as much as the stained glass one. Very unexpected. I love the unexpected.

  24. The glass water tank is beautiful! Thanks for going to all that way to get photos of it!


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