I used this photo
 in a collage
 I posted
 earlier this summer 
 I was looking through
 I stopped to enjoy her happy face
decided you would enjoy it too 

I'm getting my hair
whatever its called 

here at the end of summer
 I am spending 2+ hours
 to make sure
 that the humidity
 doesnt turn my hair to frizz

 I've always been a step behind 


 truth told
 I just didnt want to spend the money
 when I told that to Susanna
 she offered me a discount 

how could I pass up a discount? 

 So thats where I am today

 struck down 
by a case
I didnt do anything


we did
 take the long route trek
 96 St
 into the park 
 72nd St 
 the Eleanor Roosevelt statue/circle

 stopping many times for me to take and share Instragram fotos 

got home 
to learn
 via email from Hilary
 a tweet/comment from Foolery
some crazyness
 the Empire State Building

To say we
 New Yorkers
 are blasé
 is true 
a caveat
 we dont get 
all hand-wringy 
we do worry about those hurt

 I tell you this honestly 
exiting the subway into Times Square
 in the mornings 
you never know
 if you'll see 
just cops
 cops in full body armor with sub machine guns  

 crazy people with the guns
terrorists crashing airliners
loony zealots setting off explosives in cars
New York City
 there's always something 


  1. That dog looks happy even though he has a lot of years on that gray muzzle.

  2. Never a dull moment there, for sure. I love NYC. The dog and her/his person are great. I never realized my former dog, Daisy, was aging, for she was all white and looked 'young' all the way to the end. Bibi, being black, will be another story.

  3. I thought of you when the news came on about the shooting at the Empire State Bldg. Life sure is full of crazies no matter the city. We are in a much smaller city but also have things of this nature happen.. there doesn't seem to be a place people can live that's completely free of it unfortunately.

    Sounds like you had a nice time out and about and yep... love that happy face in the photo.

  4. Such a happy shot of dog and his person!
    Sounds as if you had a nice long walk, always enjoy your intagram photos...
    Thought of you yesterday as I watched the news and also watched for water towers as the helicopters scanned the rooftops...just glad you are safe!

  5. Our Balto is getting a little gray too. That was some walk! That's how you stay so slim! Glad you are safe from all that craziness yesterday. It seems to be everywhere these days!

  6. Thought of you yesterday, checked for you on Instagram and knew all was okay.
    About 70% of our student population calls NYC and the Island, home, so there was a lot of confusion and fear amongst the students when we knew very few details about what had actually happened.

    Heard Keratin is fantastic! Do let us know, and you have a wonderful day.

  7. I heard the news and was worried about all the people I know in the city. And the smiling waiting photo is perfect for reassurances.

  8. We experienced the full-body-armor-automatic-weapon-toting policemen in one of the stations under Manhattan in April! I wanted to take a photo, but didn't think it was appropriate. :-)

  9. Daryl, I love this shot! Everyone is happy!
    Madness! That's all I can say. Worldwide Madness

  10. which is why I live out in the country, though there are crazies here, too, just not as often.

    thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog

  11. I'm a sucker for dog shots and that's a great one. Good counterpoint to the scary news from the Empire State building.

    I don't know what 'keratined' is, but I'm pretty sure my hair needs it.

  12. cool statue. the news from the ESB not so much. sigh...

  13. Her face is glorious and made me smile. Thank you!

  14. Thanks for the happy-face shot. It gave me a big smile of my own.
    The news about the recent violence did make me think of you; I'm glad you're safe. Hope all went well at the salon!

  15. Didn't see this until today. Crazy times along with the silent times. And you say you did nothing yet took that big walk? Gah. I need some keratin.

  16. I must admit I do think about you when i hear those things on the news and hope that you're not snapping away somewhere close by. That's life in the big city I guess! Now moving up to next post to see if there are any shots of your newly 'keratined' hair!! Love the lady and her dogs, good to see such a happy face.


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