was taken
Hipstamatic's Dream Canvas 'film' 
 John S lens

 I took it some months ago
 outside my office building
 which is on
 the corner of 42nd St and Seventh Avenue
 there's always something going on 

 I am not sure
 if they are forklifts
some sort of Gator with a goiter

its Thursday

the last 

this week it
Labor Day
 Monday the office is closed!  



  1. Enjoy your last Fridaycation! School starts next week...heavy sigh..

  2. Great shot Daryl, and I love this Hipstamatic combination.
    Enjoy your last Fridaycation and long weekend.
    It sounds like the weather is going to be wonderful.

  3. Nothing to do with this shot, Daryl, but I have been reading a photo essay book about something you might find very interesting. Were you alive and in NYC while the 3rd Avenue El was still extant? Marvelous collection of photos, by a fellow named Lothar Stetler, chronicles life on and all around The El during the years approx. 1953 to 1955. Stunning stuff, really. All taken with Kodachrome and Ectachrome (sp?), great detail, a magnificent time capsule. If you or Toonman might find it interesting, I'd be glad to send a copy your way. If you ever rode the thing, or walked the streets there while it was still running, I'm sure you'd enjoy it.

  4. Love the colors and textures here. Happy long weekend!

  5. Have a wonderful long weekend! Hope you're doing something fun!!

  6. Daryl, interesting shot! I like the effect!
    Hope you have a great four day weekend! I'm sure you will!

  7. Makes me tempted to use Hipstamatic! Very cool!

  8. Oh I had to laugh. Son's special interest used to be fork lifts. Dear me if we ventured into a Home Depot without checking the forklifts.

  9. gater with a goiter!! Ahhhh! thanks for the giggle. Cool shot

  10. Where the heck did my comment go, I know I posted one last night because i remember Googling Gator and discovering it was a John Deer forklift 'thingy' odd!! Well I said it once and I'll say it the treatment on this image Daryl.


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