taking it personally

 walking across East 4th Street 
I stopped 
 you never know where a water tower might be
 no water tower 
that made me 
 stand straighter 
take a photo
 of it 
of course

 I'll take 
I find it

  its Thursday night
 (or today or even yesterday who knows when you'll read this) 
I am relaxed
 I am hoping
 the photo adventure muse

 I've no real plans for the next to last Fridayation of 2012 
big sigh
 I am toying
 with a ride
 on the 
Staten Island Ferry
I havent been on it 
 I was a kid

 I hear
 they no longer have
 galley slaves
 oaring the boat

  On that note

 have a blog fodder filled weekend 
just go out and have fun


  1. Galley slaves, you funny ole gal!
    Reminds me: Phyllis Diller's obit made me cry AND laugh. 12 punchlines a minute! Wow.

    Affirmation and posture: you GO Dar! Straight to the ferry and get us some big water, big sky, big city shots. Otherwise, whatya gonna do? Lay around watching old B&W TCM movies? Then you'd be me minus the scooter run to wholefoods. . .
    so you'll relax. what could be bad?

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. I also like the wiener dog up there watching over everything.

  3. That graffiti was a wonderful reminder to slog on in spite of...well, the same old same old. And I remember those galley slaves! My first laugh of the day!!

  4. How perfect this is!
    Whatever you do for your Fridaycation today, I hope you have a wonderful time.

  5. Haha! Galley slaves, too funny!
    It's Fridaycation, so no matter what you do, it will be interesting!

  6. A big yes to the ferry! A nice little trip and some great photo opportunities, from the ferry, to the people, to the sights, including the Lady. You go girl!!

  7. Since I'm in a subway sort of mood today, I'll suggest that you someday take that ride to either Rockaway or Far Rockaway on the "A" train. You'll get some very cool shots as the train wends its way over Jamaica Bay!

  8. Oh surely it's got to be the Staten Island Ferry now that you've thought about it Daryl.. the last time I saw the Staten Island Ferry was in an episode of Sex and the City haha!

  9. Hope you're far away from trouble on this grim Friday, Daryl. May your Fridayation be as peaceful and safe as possible!

  10. Daryl, I would look forward to Staten Island shots! "You Go Girl!"
    Funny you should call all you shots blog fodder! I have used that term too! Thought I made it up! Well, I did, in my mind, I hadn't heard it anywhere before! Great Minds!!!
    Hope you have a great weekend, whatever you do!

  11. Definitely speaking to you! But me, every time I hear Go Girl now, I think of this that I bought for a trip to India. Used it a couple of times out of necessity...

  12. Great shot. Title so appropo for you. So, yes, you go girl and you do whatever it is that gives your spirit comfort, peace, excitement and pleasure. Cheers!!

  13. i agree, take the affirmation when it crosses your path! hope your weekend's a fun one.

  14. Love this ... and yes take it personally!

  15. No doubt it WAS meant for you! Love the little wiener dog right there too...heehee ~Lili


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