street art

Took me a little while
 surfing the internets 
to learn about this street art 
from a taxi 
stopped briefly 
at a traffic light 
when I took the shots
 I had no idea 
I actually was
 I mean 
I knew
 I was in a cab
where the cab was
that was the question
 its good
 I took several photos
 that enabled me to track down the location

the corner of Prince and Mulberry Streets 
(NOrth of Little ITAy)

the clue 
I followed first 
was the sign

 under the other graphic 

I stumbled 
 a blog 
(click here
about street art


it surrounds us 

 its taken for granted
its unnoticed
we're in a hurry 

how did I find what it was?
who created it? 

 prince mulberry polkadot street art


it got me 


  1. The giant picture is such a powerful statement in its environment.

  2. You never, ever cease to amaze me with your creativity Daryl!! You could make a living of taking photos all day, every day in NYC!!! SOOOOOO much to photograph there!!! Love this street art!!

  3. amazing work - surely this isn't considered graffiti? I'm so glad you were being observant (even if you didn't know where you were:) noticed this and shared it with us. Wondering how long the wheat paste will hold it in place...will the rain gently wash it away?

  4. You are an amazing sleuth! I like the one with the rainbow stripes. XO

  5. I did one of my assignments in my last photography class on JR as one of my favorite photographers. I love his philosophy as well as his photography and his work just blows me away:) I am glad to see he has come to NYC!

  6. I love it!!
    in your first shot I thought it was shadows

    the sweet pup and his pretty Mum below are a wonderful photo

  7. Love the modern world and the ability to research so easily. These are great shots, Daryl!!

  8. Daryl, interesting! You had me going. I had no idea what I was looking at until I saw the last shot. One of those that once you see it you see it in all the shots!

  9. love the NY street art...
    the stuff around here is

  10. I love being an Internet detective like this. I'm pretty good at it. Friends often ask me 'see if you can find out about....' based on very little info. Good sleuthing and good photos!

  11. Cool art and well done on the detective work!

  12. Geez, I've got to tell you, I'm not sure I'd want some giant head screaming on my building. Seems like it would make the neighborhood a little tense.

  13. Keen eye and great use of the internets... amazing what can found on the streets of NYC if we just open our eyes!

  14. That is outta sight art. Great shot Daryl. How do you find these treasures? Who cares - just keep finding them. Cheers!!

  15. Street art is fascinating.. and good sleuthing on your part.

  16. Wow very cool! And fun that you just stumbled upon it (well drove by it).

  17. Superb detective work Daryl, it's really fun trying to track down info but incredibly frustrating when you hit a brick wall so to speak! What a fabulous link to the 'street art blog' was exciting to see a ROA,that guy gets around!

  18. This is great, and I love where it is placed.
    LITA is one of my favorite places in NYC.


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