iPhoto photo
(is that redundant or an oxymoron?)
was taken on 
West End Avenue l
ooking north
 from 80th Street

 no traffic 
let me stand in the middle of the street

 I know 
you know
 this is 
a NYC blog

 I realized
 I take
 more photos 
with my iPhone
I do 
with my BIG camera

 from now on
 going forward
of this blog's photos 
will be photos
 with an
 iPhone app

you want
 to see photos
 I take when I travel
go adventuring, 
you'll need
 to click over 
to my pretend-artsy blog 

just sayin'

sharing with


  1. aw.... you could carry your camera SOMETIMES, eh?

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Oh...I have to go three places now??? (Instagram, Out and About, and Through My Eyes) I'll do it.

  3. You do get good results with your iPhone!

  4. pretend artsy!! you're the real thing babe

    love this shot of the avenue

  5. I love iphone shots. Lots handier than lugging the "good" camera around.

  6. I love the new header. It is a view of NY that I never would have considered.

    Many times I want to stand in the street and take a picture, but I'm afraid I would get sideswiped if I did. You took advantage of the perfect moment.

  7. Looking forward to it.
    Love your iPhoto photos!
    This one is great, especially with that wonderful sky.

  8. love both your blogs ..

    Your shots are super whether you
    pull out the BIG camera or use
    your phone..

  9. Looks nice and cool.... More power to you and your iphone. I have been experimenting with my fun little 5.1 pixel Minox that I featured on my August 1st post. Kind of fun, and its photos look a bit retro. I'll be posting some. It won't replace my biggie, since it's got limitations, but it's fun.

  10. I can't get my head around the fact that there's anytime you CAN stand in the middle of the street in NYC!!

  11. I'm due for a new phone in the fall and I'm going to get me an iPh*ne. When I bought my droid, it had the best camera around at the time. But I have had phone camera envy for almost a year now.

  12. Love that blue sky... rare moment to see no traffic on those streets! Doesn't matter what you use, you take good image...

  13. Marvelous perspective and colors...
    Best regards from paris,


  14. Wonderful colours, light and shadows in this street view! Stunning!


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