its monday again

I was feeling sad
 this morning
 I didnt get to the Staten Island Ferry
 on Friday
 it was my 

 its my last 

 has this coming Friday off 

I was walking from the subway to the office
 when someone called out 
Hey Miss Daryl
 it was one of the guys from our mailroom 
he and I exchanged back to work greetings
 he asked how I had enjoyed the summer 
I explained how sad I was
 no more Fridaycations 
he pointed out
 that this coming weekend
 a 4 day weekend
we have Monday off

  oh boy 
did I ever perk up

 made me telling you about the weekend
 less sad 

 my 'keratin'ing' of the hair was successful
 a mere 2 hours
it was done
 I sweated up a storm
 my hair is not frizzy
 its a little too flat right now 
I am happy 

Zhen combing in the goop

 adding heat 

 bride of frankenstein look

finally smooth and sleek

an artist at Brazilian Blow Outs 
(doesnt that sound like a big sale event?)
was also pleasant to spend time with Saturday

I walked over to Park Avenue
 I was done 
to get photos
 Niki de Saint Phalle's 
wildly colorful mosaic statues
the Park Avenue Mall
 from 50th to 60th Streets

this is 
my favorite
its part of a threesome called
Les Trois Graces

my favorite shot of the day
 was taken when I headed home
walking up Madison Avenue

so very Madison Avenue
so very New York City

Have a great week
I'm going to!


  1. Love your hair! Sounds like you had a nice the voluptuous 'grace' sculpture and the perfect NYC photo...

  2. That is a very NYC photo. I like the perspective.

    I think your hair looks lovely. Mine is always flat, without all the extra effort:-)

  3. Your hair looks fab Daryl, how long does the keratine ing last? My hair is so curly when i wash it and leave it, so I have to straighten it every time, this sounds like it could work for moi! btw if i keep eating Nutella at the rate I'm doing now, I will be able to pose exactly like your one of the 'Three Graces' sculptures haha!

  4. Just saw your comment Daryl, thanks for the tip will get onto that right now, must admit that was spoiling it for me, ta muchly!

  5. another wonderful monday post to enjoy with my morning coffee - your hair is fabulous and I so love the sculpture/mosaic, so fun!! xox

  6. You look fabulous as always! So very Madison Avenue and so very New York City! xoxo

  7. I think that Grace needs to cut down on the carbs ..
    And remember some of us will be working Friday, and Saturday, Sunday and Monday in fact!
    So enjoy the weekend for us. :-)

  8. A friend of mine had this hair treatment and she is thrilled. It's lovely.

    I agree with you about the Madison Avenue photo even though I have to imagine LOL

    Sigh. At least you get a long weekend and hopefully no rain.

    I feel like I sound mundane. Probably your opening sentence hahahaha!

  9. I'm miffed - I can't see your photos Daryl! I don't know what's wrong but I can't see any photos on any blogs today!

  10. Daryl, nice to see you!! Glad you had a nice weekend! Me too! Got some chores done on Saturday and chilled with the Crossword yesterday!
    I like the buxom statue! Unique. Madison Ave looks great!

  11. Looking good chica! I'm jealous, my hair has been a giant ball of frizz all summer long!

  12. You look maaaaaaaaaaaaaavelous! I'm glad your spirts picked up. Great shots. Cheers!! Love that wrought iron signpost. Cheers!!

  13. You look great! I esp like the last shot too-

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  14. Your hair looks beautiful, Daryl!
    I have to say that I just love the "Bride of Frankenstein" shot too. :-)
    The last shot is definitely my favorite too.
    It reminds me that Fashion Week begins next Thursday!

  15. Gorgeous everything, hair, photos.

    Brazilian Blow Out could be a sale.... or an unfortunate mishap after a piece of bad meat at a steakhouse.

  16. I adore you Daryl!!! YOU are SO very New York!! Love the Brazilian Blow Outs too!!

  17. Enjoyed your "keratining" series on Instagram..... ;-)

  18. Definitely super sleek--looks great! Love the statue too. Only in NY...

  19. Ohhh .. nice hair. I friz up like a brillo pad in humid weather. Nice pics all around

  20. Keratinated? Who knew!! I'm so out of the beauty and fashion loop!

  21. love that statue..
    Les Trois Graces...
    and yes you are ...
    smooth and sleek !!

  22. Gorgeous! And I do mean you and your hair! Definitely worth the time involved...
    Love that statue too:)

  23. Keratin? Oh wow I def need that! Your hair looks fabulous! Your shots of NYC are so cool Daryl! ~Lili


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