another excellent adventure

As you may recall
on Friday
 I was
 wishy washy
 about my plans 
I was 
since that seems to be my default emotional state
 I decided to go with the flow 
 headed downtown
 armed with a list
 of the 
streets and avenues
 that make up the Mosaic Trail,
 my iPhone
my Nikon D90
with a small change
 I wasnt totin' the BIG lens
 I popped on
AF 35MM 1:2D lens
 its so light 
you can
 its there
 smaller fixed lens
 no zoom
 the zoom 
 as close 
to your subject 
as you 
can get 
this means
 in the case 
shooting lamp posts
 a lot 
 knee bends
 a lot
crab walking
you're too close
not close enough 
 are too damn lazy
 to stand up

 I forget
I have
 the number of times
 I did this
 in the short time
 about 90 minutes
 to walk/shoot the Mosaic Trail 

my thighs
 as if 
I did a weekend's worth of aerobics

 enough preamble
 lets get to the actual

I got off the subway at 8th Street, 
East 8th 
(for some reason - shut up Lauren - I thought it was West 8th)
to get snaps of the same lamp post I shot 2 weeks ago 
when I stumbled onto these mosaics
 a left down
 to Astor Place
  over to Cooper Square/Cooper Union
 (a school I fantasized about attending when I was in high school) 
St Marks Place
 Third Avenue 
Avenue A
4th Street
 to the 

 all along the way
 I walked
 I took in
 a neighborhood 
I'd never been to before
 so many little restaurants 
so many old buildings 
with stoops
 (here in NYC we call those front steps 'stoops' okay I'll Google it and tell you why cause honestly I dont know) 
people sitting out 
sipping coffee 
 taking in the late morning

interesting little shops 
not a single
 'Mall store'
 in sight
 there was also a lot of street art
 I got a lot of photos
I'll be sharing them 
for sitting through all this 
a shot
 of the lamp post
 on the corner 
Third Avenue and I forget

I hope
 your thighs 
dont ache

ambling along 
with me 
you know
 it really is more fun with you along!


  1. Ooo, I'm not a fan of ambling along. Kills my feet and knees. I love that lamp post. Very cool!

  2. Thank you for all of your "crab walking" because the photo is absolutely smashing!

  3. Love the 35, and what a neat photo this is!

  4. so yummy and so thankful you were willing to do the squats and crab walking! heading over to 'through my eyes' xo

  5. amazing work!!
    I'd love to see the artist at work

  6. Just think how fab the thighs and butt are going to look now Daryl, squats are the best haha! What an incredible walk you took us on today, can just see all the New Yorkers sitting sipping, smoking and talking. One of my favourite lenses is my Pentax 18 to 55 so good for many reasons, but yes you do have to get more 'up close and personal'.
    btw. yes you were spot on, Aimee made some fab purchases, a wonderful old 1920's hat that she looks gorgeous in, an antique bracelet that reminded her of her Nanna and a couple of vintage dresses. No doubt she'll show them on her blog at some point.

  7. my knees hurt! looking forward to the other shots at your other site.
    7th and I forget is just around the corner from me!

  8. ooh D.. the write up on the 300mm
    refers to it being so LIGHTWEIGHT...
    and it really is in comparison to the
    500mm I use for birds and moonshots.

  9. It's like Antonio Gaudi came to New York and nobody said anything.

  10. Daryl, thanks for taking us along! Who said photography wasn't a sport! A spectator sport at that!
    An interesting shot! I wonder where all the pieces came from!
    Glad you had great weekend exploring!

  11. Just left Lauren's and between you crabbing around and her wearing a Shark Week hat, I'm craving shrimp LOL

    The mosaics are truly a work of art and love the shots.

    I'd love to sit and spend the evening on a stoop :)

  12. Hey, I know you are the kind of woman who can get stuff done. Could you, would you please send me that lamp post (is that one word?)? It's beautiful. And I too remember so well sitting on the front "stoops" of my apartment complex - 3 stories high (we called them projects), but others from apartments that reached some 30 stories high said, offendedly, "Dem aint' no projects." Great pic. Cheers!!

  13. So cool. Well worth all the crab walking. Thanks so much for sharing!

  14. So, you are giving up the big lens??? Turning to the iPhone???? No!!!!
    Just catching up here ... finally home for a few days. I've missed my blog friends!

  15. Crab walking? Count me in next time I'm up there, I'll be sure to bring the appropriate hat.

  16. you need a video..the Photo Exercise Plan!!
    or maybe you need a nice Olympus OM-D E-M5 like the one I just bought.
    many benefit of a SLR, interchangeable lenses, but so much lighter.

    love the lamps post!

  17. Who needs a gym! :) I love to follow trails and self guided walking tours when exploring cities! Glad you had a fun (if exercise filled) day.
    I'm catching up on old reading and just wanted to say that I wanted to bring home half of Fish's Eddy on my last trip to NYC!! So many fun things in there!

  18. Sounds like the best kind of day! And a little workout in the name of photography never hurts (well, it hurts the legs, but you know what I mean). Love the mosaic!

  19. I particulary love your top picture,
    Best regards from Paris...


  20. This sounds like a fantastic way to spend a couple of hours, exploring places you don't usually go. And don't worry, I feel you thigh-aching pain - although mine came about after a hardcore salsa class last night. i love your photo - this is a lamp post?? How awesome.

  21. This past visit to NYC I came across restaurant row...never saw it before. I was in such awe, the word tourist had to be written across my forehead. It seems every corner you turn, you discover something's the best! Crazy, cool post!

  22. Great walk... never even knew it existed. Camera crab-walking sounds like a good addition to excercise routine! ;-)

    If you've got a stoop... it's time for some stoopball :-)


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