water towers

did you know 
there are
 water towers
dotting buildings
 over 6 stories 
 throughout the five boroughs?

I am 
 will have better weather
 than the previous
 I really 
want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge
 get pix of the stained glass water tower 
visit Brooklyn Bridge Park
 to see the restored carousel

 til then
 we'll have to settle
 on this 
Upper Eastside
 water tank 
 what looks to be 
a building
 from the less than wonderful boxy architecture
 of the 1960s


  1. From an engineering point of view I'd say your latest tower is a little precarious. Water weighs 62.4 pounds per cubic foot and that structure looks a little light to me. The spent a fortune on the aluminum jacked insulation on the pipe underneath.

  2. I wonder what a psychologist would say about your fascination with water towers.

  3. Yogi's right ... it does look a little precarious! Glad I don't live underneath that one!

  4. Wow that is a lot of water towers! Glad I'm not the person who has to climb up and inspect them...that's if they are inspected.
    Hope the weather is good and you get to take the Brooklyn photos!

  5. Thanks--Now I'm thirsty! Great shot!!! This could be a totally new gen, johr, geanr,,, SUBJECT matter like Old Barns and Fences....I Love this!!!!


  6. Sending 'good weather vibes' I really would like to see the stained glass water tower, here's hoping Daryl.

  7. Daryl, It's a great tank! Do they have to be a certain hight to work right? Was wondering why the big iron frame was necessary.
    I will be looking forward to your Brooklyn Bridge shots! Another NYC icon for sure.

  8. It certainly stands out, and wonderfully so.

  9. great picture, that is a very interesting support structure / water tank combination.

  10. I do hope you get a nice day on Friday...sounds like some wonderful plans:)

  11. I hope you do get your walk. You can see a painted water tower near the Brooklyn side. I like this short tower... kind of cute. And much nicer than the characterless building it sits on.

  12. You captured the pic just perfectly. Grey is one of my fave colors. I guess because it matches the gray in my hair. LOL! Wonderful shot. Cheers!!

  13. Hopefully, the storms from last night (thought of you) are gone and you are having a beautiful day today :)

    I like this one but it doesn't seem too steady. I dislike the "box" architecture too!


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