its been a wonderful 
busy weekend
 filled with
 good friends
 good food
 good drink
 almost over
 I am vegging out
 in place of words
 I leave you
 this city street scene

I hope 
 you want 
I know 
I am

sharing with


  1. I like that dedelstein graffiti inside the truck. ;)

  2. It's after midnight, and I'm baking an angel cake. Nobody here but the dog, and she's not telling. The cake might be gone by the time my husband gets home Monday. LOL

  3. Glad to hear you're having a good weekend. We're waiting for the family to arrive for Sunday Lunch which I am just about to start cooking.

  4. It was fabulous! I have photos of it on my blog ~

  5. Glad you're having such a great weekend! As for mine, any day I'm at home is a good one. Just puttering and cooking is all I need to soothe my soul.

    I do love these effects you use in your photos.

  6. I never knew you had a second blog!!! I clicked on over from Virginia's Paris blog!!! I like your creative format!!!

  7. I love watching people work, especially if I have my camera with me! Good shot!

    Befriending the Dark

  8. sounds like a nice weekend...
    nice shot

  9. My weekend was a little bit sad. It was my birthday but we can't celebrate because my grandmother was admitted in the hospital. Its okay at least we're all together. Family is much more important.

  10. Love the stride of one guy - so intense - contrasting with the "casual-lean-on-the-truck" of another! Great action shot!


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