these shadows 

as in no sun
less heat
temps have been high
humidity is right up there with it

I believe its a tie

stopped home between errands yesterday I swear when I left the house not 10 minutes after arriving it was noticably hotter and more humid
I still had things to do and it was only 11 a.m.!!!

the Brad Stroman painting I bought in Santa Fe 
the 3 Alice Balterman decoupage hand mirrors 
have been 'fixed' 
(I am sure there's a word to describe taking something to the framer but only getting it wired)
 to hang
 an installation
if you will
 will be done 
photos of the new
 art wall 
that is adjacent
 to my desk
 which is about to be replaced 
will be taken and shared

Casa Edelstein is gettin' it groove on

meanwhile please take care of yourselves
scary hot out there!

sharing with