I wont run, dont ask me

if you know me
 at all
 you know
I wont run
 don't ask me
 I wont even trot 
across the street
 'make the light' 
is that an expression 
New York City?

 It was a lovely weekend here
 I cant ignore 
the elephant in the room
 it was horrible 
to wake on Friday morning 
 learn that more innocent people
 lost their lives 
to an unbalanced person
 in of all places
 a movie theatre
 my heart goes out to everyone in Aurora

my weekend 
was really nice 
I am still working through 
 lying there 
wondering is it Sunday?

 it rained 
it was thoroughly nasty
 I decided
I should
take on the task 
 'under the sink' 
  about a year ago
 I ordered these very neat organizers
 double drawer
 pull out
 I measured
 the sink
 before buying
 when it arrived
 I took one and tried it out 
then I left it to collect dust bunnies
to become something
 I put things on top of 
I am a sloth  
 that rainy day 
I was waiting for arrived
  pulled out all the crap
 went through it
 tossed a lot 
kept more than I should
 organized the remaining crap 
 the first drawer


organized the second
 put it in


 I went
 to put
 the other 
 there's a faucet attached the pipes
 it blocks
 the top drawer of the organizer on the right

 ... AAAARRGH ... 

 I can handle this
 a few minutes of considering the situation

got it!

 I swapped out drawers
on the left 
we have 3
 the middle one holds things needed for travel 
on top of it 
I put the samples I couldnt toss 
 of what you are thinking
 of cosmetics
 of creams 
of lotions
 I cant toss
who knows 
one day 
I'll need some
 of course
 I know 
when that day comes
 I will likely go out and buy whatever 
I will have forgotten I have some in that drawer under the sink

was another
 all about me day 
I know 
its often hard to distinguish
 those days
ordinary days
 the 'tell'

a blissful 
60 minutes
 that leaves me feeling

 to regain my oomph
 a short shopping expedition on the Upper Eastside is next
 I only get there once a month

 bussed it back to the westside
 for my weekly appointment 
with Sandy who tames my hair
food/munchie shopping at Zabars and Trader Joe 

the evening
catching up on recorded programs
 The Newsroom 
True Blood
The Closer
 Political Animals 
(a new one and quite good)
with Toonman

mani/pedi time 
 it was spent reading 
The Last Vampire by Glen Duncan
 (so far I am really liking it)
 Toonman and I
 took a walk
 60 minutes
pretty fast paced
3 stops for photo ops
 iPhone version

that evening with nothing to watch
we play 
Words with Friends 
Toonman is my co-pilot 
 he looks at the board 
spotting good point opportunities
he lets me 
only peeks to see if he can guess 
what I am doodling

amazing another weekend recapped
thanks for sitting through it
you really are the best!


  1. I prefer a fast walk I don't do running either!

    What a busy time you've had!

  2. Aww, shucks... I thought you were going to show us photos of the drawers under the sink dammit... LOL No really, I would have loved seeing your organizational skills and considered it a 'learning moment'.

  3. You know i love to read your Monday morning recap of the weekend. Sounds like you had a good mixture of 'busy/relax' time, productive too!! My next 'put off as long as I can' job is the filing, a years worth..to get it all ready for the taxman, fun!!

  4. I do not run for any reason either, and no, I used to say 'make the light,' too. Still do, when speaking English, ha.

    Words with Friends sounds fun...what is it?

  5. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful weekend, all told. Certainly, a few instances of "Grrrrrrr!", but the sum sounds magnificent.

    Heck, any weekend with a massage in it has to total more on the plus side. That's all there is to it.

  6. Yes, it is absolutely awful, the disaster that happened in that movie theatre.
    I no longer run. I ran until I was in my early 30s. It was fun when I could still outrun my young brother, 21 years my junior, but when he started winning, I quit. LOL. Actually, I fell flat on my face, ouch, in 1982 and gave up running.
    I laughed about you tidying what I call "the under of the sink" — I just knew that second set wouldn't fit. Plumbers, when installing pipes under a sink, don't think of the sink-owner's needs.
    We say "make the light" in Western Canada, also, but mostly when driving, seldom when pedestrianing. With fewer horses, the West has become a nation of drivers, hellbent on getting "there" faster than the other guy.

  7. Daryl, nope, don't ask me either! Did my share when I was young, but no more!
    Love the sneaker shot!
    I have to ignore the elephant. Well, not ignore, but not dwell on.
    Glad you had a full weekend.
    Ours was busy with home and garden stuff. But that was okay. The weather was the pitts! Still is. It's reminiscent of November today, cool and blustery. Maybe back to summer later today. I hope so!

  8. You really cram a lot into your weekend and it's usually pretty darn wonderful! I love the color of the shoes and bet they cost more than my electric bill runs a month LOL

    You are enjoying life and I think that is fabulous...well except the cleaning part, but it must be done occasionally :)

  9. Sounds like a very full and wonderful weekend.
    I watched Political Animals, but the jury is out for me yet.
    Surely going to give it another shot.

  10. Sounds like you got a lot accomplished this weekend. I can't say the same. My garage has needed cleaning for about a year now. I even have TV's out there that aren't flat!

  11. the elephant in the room is a big one and so sad...mourning for those lost or injured in Aurora...
    What a nice weekend you had (except for the organizing). I don't run either and haven't even been able to get out for a little stroll lately...but hubby is getting better and that will change soon. We did log a lot of tv viewing and reading hours though.
    The shoe photo is great! So colorful!

  12. I can't stop laughing at 'I am a sloth', you make it sound glam

  13. Sloth is only glam if it's capitalized. as in "She was draped in Sloth green".

    Glad you had a productive weekend, here's to a great 4 day week, she exhaled.

  14. How busy you were this weekend! and no I don't run either:)

  15. from the title I thought you were going
    the Dr.Seuss route..or maybe a swearing
    off of politics...

    nice weekend... for you ... I mowed and mowed
    and mowed...

  16. Awesome weekend. I'm jealous of your organization. I was lazy, lazy for a change--listened to an audiobook and Mr. BFR and I took my camera to the marsh preserve for a not very aerobic walk.

  17. Well this sounds like a pretty great weekend - the you time and the walking anyways. I'm a bit lazy with tidying things too (just ask mum!) but it's quite satisfying when you get around to it right? And yes... I'm the same with running. Not a fan. I am a fan of those orange and pink sneakers though...

  18. I am jealous of Zabars and Trader Joe..
    Nice colorful pic

  19. I may love your weekends almost as much as you do.

    We're headed off to Idaho to see Dad and a bunch of relatives and maybe sneak over the pass to Wyoming and see the Tetons for the first time in 10 years, and find my first Wyoming geocache.

  20. My big problem with organization is papers that I can't seem to deal with efficiently. I used to have a desk with drawers and a credenza (long ago) but there is just too much paper that has no obvious place to go.


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