hot enough?

 its hot
 its humid
 its summer
 in the city 
the country
 the mountains
at the shore

my Fridaycation
 spent indoors
 after a brief expedition to the store
 I skipped 
walking with Toonman
 this weekend
 he went early
 before it got insanely hot 
a good plan

it was so unexciting at Home Sweet Home
a lot of water was drunk
a lot of recorded TV was caught up on

I will miss
 Game of Thrones
 we watched
 the last 3 episodes of the season
 all at once 
we watched
 the pilot/premiere episode of 
News Room
 I love Aaron Sorkin's writing
 if you've never watched
 Sports Night
 watch it on NetFlix 
its wonderful
I succumbed to Downton Abbey
I've two episodes left 
I dont want it to end
I will miss the detestible O'Brien and Thomas
as much as I do
Anna and Mr Bates
but most of all Cousin Violet

Since I am not a beach person
I hate the sand
I dont like not knowing where the bottom is when I go into water
I do a lot of things indoors 
aside from 
sitting on the couch watching TV 
I sit on the couch and read
I sit at the computer and surf
I sit on the couch playing Words with six different Friends on the iPad
my friend Annie and I 
are up to 
113 turns 

this post was so exciting 
I believe I need a calm photo to wrap it up
hang on while I look for one
here you go

Toonman's desk
is it hot enough?