hot enough?

 its hot
 its humid
 its summer
 in the city 
the country
 the mountains
at the shore

my Fridaycation
 spent indoors
 after a brief expedition to the store
 I skipped 
walking with Toonman
 this weekend
 he went early
 before it got insanely hot 
a good plan

it was so unexciting at Home Sweet Home
a lot of water was drunk
a lot of recorded TV was caught up on

I will miss
 Game of Thrones
 we watched
 the last 3 episodes of the season
 all at once 
we watched
 the pilot/premiere episode of 
News Room
 I love Aaron Sorkin's writing
 if you've never watched
 Sports Night
 watch it on NetFlix 
its wonderful
I succumbed to Downton Abbey
I've two episodes left 
I dont want it to end
I will miss the detestible O'Brien and Thomas
as much as I do
Anna and Mr Bates
but most of all Cousin Violet

Since I am not a beach person
I hate the sand
I dont like not knowing where the bottom is when I go into water
I do a lot of things indoors 
aside from 
sitting on the couch watching TV 
I sit on the couch and read
I sit at the computer and surf
I sit on the couch playing Words with six different Friends on the iPad
my friend Annie and I 
are up to 
113 turns 

this post was so exciting 
I believe I need a calm photo to wrap it up
hang on while I look for one
here you go

Toonman's desk
is it hot enough?


  1. I gotta get on the Downton Abbey bus. Stay cool sistah!!

  2. Toonman's desk looks somewhat like mine haha! Loooove Downton Abbey, was on last night here. Great characters, so very English what, what!!

  3. New Room is definitely worth watching -- so get that DVR up and recording. I try to walk in the evening (need to work in the morning) but the morning is the way to go. I pretty much hate the heat.

  4. As you know from the weather forecast on my blog it's definitely not hot here, just rain, rain and more rain! Can you believe I never watched Downton Abbey?

  5. "News Room" was interesting. We watched it this weekend. Loved Jeff Daniels' performance. Little hard to believe he could give that speech at the beginning without encountering a single "Boo!" or some sort of disruption from the crowd, or even his colleagues on-stage butting in, though. Great speech, spot on (IMVHO), but impossible to have really happened that way!

  6. Mrs. Chatterbox and I recently broke down and ordered HBO and we're now hooked on Game of Thrones. We are also enjoying Deadwood, in spite of all the swearing, and Newsroom is one we plan on sticking with. And we've long enjoyed Downton Abbey. It seems we have similar tastes when it comes to TV preferences.

  7. No TV or internet surfing for us this weekend...a small tornado set down in our little town and we lost power plus cable/internet. It was so hot (105) we spent a very nice weekend with family (who had power and a cool house). Everything is getting back to normal except for the empty fridge. Temps are down to the high 90's now
    I do like Downton Abbey and Deadwood - will have to look into Newsroom.
    Stay cool!

  8. I too was sooooo sad when we finished Downton Abbey ... can't wait for the next season. And yes, Newsroom looks good as well. It is hot, even up here in Maine!

  9. I actually enjoyed this post!! while you guys melt, we get mossier and mossier - so wet here - still wearing winter boots xo

  10. I have to look into Downtown Abbey. Heard lots about it.
    Never got uncomfortably hot here this weekend.
    Both days were really perfect summer days.
    Hope it cools off for you soon.

  11. Daryl, all great things that I like doing too! Except we don't have the heat. I don't mind that really. We're not big fans of it, especially combined with humidity. We don't have to worry about that though. It's continues to be cold and wet on this coast. No real sign of summer yet. An improvement is coming, but I'll believe that when I see it!

  12. Heat makes me sad. Our typical brutal summer temps are on the way & I am sad. Summer is my hibernating season...I do not go out unless absolutely necessary, sad. Will go & watch fireworks on the 4th (my birthday) & hope it is cool enough outside by then to enjoy them. Caught Jeff Daniels' Newsroom speech on FB...loved it. Made me want to order HBO just to see more of that show.

  13. I think Downton Abbey is my favorite show ever. I'm so glad you like it.

  14. Never even heard of most/all of the shows you mentioned but glad you're able to stay cool and get caught up. The best place to be in heat like this indoors...although we're going to be at the beach next week and I. Can't. WAIT.

  15. Loved Downton Abbey ..have the first two series on
    DVD from Sam's Club... so I can watch whenever...

    Do you and Toonman have matching headphones ??
    I wear mine a lot especially when Bob is watching

  16. I love all the shows you mentioned:) Just watched the second Newsroom episode this evening, sitting here with a cool breeze blowing through the window...

  17. I didn't want Downton Abbey to end either... can't wait for fall's new shows... hope the heat is letting up a little...

  18. Knowing how ungodly hot & humid & close it can get in the Big Eastern Seaboard Cities, I have thought of you. . . . Do stay in your cooling center! Sun here is hot, but the trade winds make me grateful I'm not riding the subway to work.

    Stay cool, Daryl

    Have a GREAT Week-

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  19. The final episodes of Game were good. Glad the little guy lived, found love, got out (or did he?) I'm more addicted to the Borgias though. . .

  20. I love Downton Abbey, I'm partial to Mr. Bates. Not that we are related or have a thing in common. He is much more noble than I.

  21. I will tell ya, hot is way better if you have electric!


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