giving it the fish eye

I took that shot of my desk with the fun fish eye Olloclip lens the cats got me for Mother's Day

do things feel a little weird?

all the celebrating 
on the Fourth
 some of us 
to go back to work
 on the Fifth 

It wasnt bad
 at all
from getting up before the crack of dawn
 the subways were practically empty 
the streets seemed more like a Saturday
 than a Thursday
 the office was like a ghost town

 take the month of August as holiday time
 here in the States 
most people
 tack their vacation
 on to 
holiday weeks
Memorial Day, 
Fourth of July
 Labor Day

 so they get a few extra days

I love
 those weeks
 everyone else is gone
 no lines 
no crowds
 no stress

 I worked Thursday 
 for me 
Friday is a vacation
 a tradition 
I began several summers ago
love it
love it
so much 
I didnt mind 

 did I mention 
there was no one in the office
 my own
AC'd space
 I did a little catch up
 while the bosses #1, #2 and The Cousin are away
 no phones rang
 no one came to visit

 it was
 it was 
 our group grew and moved into this space 

so what did you do on Thursday?
what's on your agenda for the weekend?
noisy bloggers are askin'