this pup 
 a gallery
 Canyon Road 
hoping to be bought 
 in a forever home 
he's bronze and life size

is a must see
Santa Fe
 there are galleries
 old homes
one end of 
Paseo Paseo 
to the other


  1. Finally a pooch you don't have to walk or clean up after.

  2. for a moment I thought it was a deer
    the surroundings look lovely

  3. Oh I would so love to take this one home. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love your dog. Very lifelike. Canyon road is a must do in Santa Fe.

  5. The portal appears to be down again for our CDPB July Theme Day of Chimneys. I have reprised the alternative method of linking used when we had issues last March. Please check here and join in if you are of a mind.


  6. [Almost] all the fun, and none of the responsibility! Had to look twice to be sure he wasn't alive, though. Gorgeous.

  7. Oh this one doesn't need to be walked two or more times a day! I could really appreciate that!

  8. Oh, what an interesting one. So realistic. I worked for a man who had a statue the likes of which I'd never seen before. He put it by a stand of bushes. It was a bronze of a man in a suit who looked like he was about to use the outdoor restroom. Very realistic. I would have rather spent all that money on something else, though!

  9. Very cute post for your Waiting theme. Bronze sculptures can be so realistic and lovely in the right setting. It's yet another artistic skill that I admire.

  10. One of the best waiting photos every. It make be laugh to see the bronze. I love wandering around such arty areas ... so much to take in.

  11. I appreciate the workmanship, but anything so lifelike that doesn't move is just too creepy yeh!


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