hipstamatic app, iphone 4, Jimmy lens, DreamCanvas film no flash

hot sauce
hot, hotter, hottest
I love hot sauce
usually I opt for Tabasco
at dinner 
with friends 
in Connecticut
 a month or two ago
3 were on the table
so they got tried


  1. savory is good too like your shot
    Pickapepper Sauce from Jamaica

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

  2. Everyone in my family loves Hot Sauce except me...they all look like ones the guys in the family would try!

  3. Love this, love the canvas texture, that "Ass Kicking" hot sauce is son and I's specialty. We have to go to Bass Pro to get it locally. On the 1 to 40 hot sauce scale. Tabasco is a 3, and I think the Ass Kicking is a five. I've tried a few 8's and they are hot!!

  4. The hotter the better!!! My fave...Cholula Hot Sauce (original) the wooden cap on the bottle! LOL

  5. Love all the names! Only have Tabasco sauce here and I see that may have to change:)

  6. "Blind Betty"... Was that before or after ingesting the sauce? I would want to know.

  7. Reminds me of the things my son adds to the refrigerator here at home!
    I think he tries every hot sauce he can find.
    Great shot Daryl!

  8. My son is the hot sauce aficionado around here.. but I like it too. Fine shot.

  9. LOVE hot sauce, the hotter the better. Megasoreass doesn't sound very comfortable, though, I might hesitate with that one.

  10. Daryl, great stuff! I love it too! Wakes up these old taste buds and makes them take notice!
    I love the names! They sure come up with some good ones!

  11. I thought I recognized this shot . . . and my hand.

  12. That's twice tonight you've made me laugh out loud Daryl, 'Megasoreass' hilarious, I mean I like it hoooot but, that sounds like it might bring tears to the eyes, if not at the time definitely the next day haha! I just read your comment on my ducks, just saying, again hahahahha! btw this 'dream canvas' effect on this pic looks amazing. I hope you have some exciting exploits planned this weekend to 'blather' about on Monday. Enjoy!

  13. Love a little hot stuff on our food. Once David made some chili so hot, his mother sat down to eat a bowl of it and choked.. Nearly choked to death it was sooo hot! After that I told him he better tone the stuff down so we wouldn't have any fatalities at the dinner table!

  14. Here in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands, we have Mojo Sauces which are the traditional hot sauces to accompany ‘wrinkly potatoes’ or bread. Yours look a bit more fiery though.

  15. Gotta add the hot sauce. So pretty with the canvas effect.

  16. We have quite the assortment of hot stuff. The boys both like them, but lately they have sat untouched. Can't say why the change, but I figure they'll get back to it eventually.


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