water towers

I have 
deep fondness 
for this photo
whilst walking 
The High Line 
when my pal Phill 
was visiting
so much is going on 
steam vents, 
wrought iron fences, 
air conditioners, 
little terraces/balconies,
 old brick 
a glimpse of sky
look there 
on the left
 look up
 clever made to match the building
 is a 
water tank

 this one is definitely
tank vs a tower
 tho its encased in its own tower 
 its still a tank

 tanks, er, thanks for visiting!


  1. Hawaii people say "Tanks, eh?" for thank you.

    This reminds me of riding the 'El' and the momentary core-sections of lives, & the city you see for a split second. . . this stirred memories. . .

    Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  2. nice capture..wonder if these apartments ever get any sunshine? Yes, the tank is cleverly disguised:)

  3. That is a nice water tower...almost didn't see it. I walked the High Line, but missed this.

  4. you are the Great Water Tower/Tank Maven...we amateurs would have missed that one!

  5. That is a great NYC shot! So what people think of when they think of NYC....

  6. Yeah, I love views down alleys, too. Some of that goes back to my working on the DPW in Boston when I was in my twenties. My job was to clean (literally, with a push broom) a two block by four block section mostly made up of alleyways in downtown. A lot more goes on in alleys than most people imagine - all sorts of wildlife, for one thing, then there are the various unintended views into people's lives through their unblinded windows, interesting plants and things that folks have growing on balconies, all sorts of weird things in the trash (I once found a proof set of 1972 U.S. coins in someone's rubbish...) and every so often some poor homeless soul trying to catch forty winks amidst the noise of trash collections, deliveries, etc.

  7. What an interesting shot if a mainly unseen part of the city.


  8. So, a tall tank in a tower is not a water tower. (I noticed it in the photo before I read what you had to say, by the way. Quite smug about myself, considering it's still morning here, and I have an evening brain.)
    Always love your photos, Daryl.

  9. Oh, your eye is so good. Came back for the water towers but stayed for the always interesting comments. :)

  10. Now how cool is that???
    I love "down the alley" views too!

  11. I really like this one too! Wonderful lines! Great camouflage job:)

  12. I love how narrow and vertical it all is. Also, we must do the High Line next time I am there.

  13. Definitely one of my favorite shots Daryl...

  14. It's definitely one of those images that's worth while pulling in and taking time to enjoy it thoroughly Daryl, well done! Did you see in the link you sent me about ROA's work in NYC the mural on the water tank, you'll have to keep your eyes open for that one! He's a Belgian artist getting as well known as Banksy who's English.

  15. It really is an awesome shot. Wow. I love the little niche for the water tower.


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