warning rant ahead

when I noticed my watch stopped
I should have known it was going to be one of those days
those days? you ask
those days you realize too late you should have pulled the cover up over your head 
those days you realize you'd be better off not getting out of bed

but I did

standing waiting for the subway I glanced at my watch


I left the house at 6:55 so how could it be 6:45 
Oh look
 the second hand is not moving 
the battery needs replacing


Long story 
short version
disclaimer: short for me may not be short for anyone else
 I was following up 
on a mail order drug shipment
an order replacing 
an order already lost

Aetna HomeRX seems to believe 
when a shipment leaves their facility
 their responsibility ends 
I suspect their lawyers know better

I did what they told me 
contacted UPS
who told me
needed to contact them

I asked the UPS agent if he knew what a Mobius Strip was
he didnt
I explained
 its like an infinity sign
 I am trapped in it 
getting no where
he apologized
he instituted a trace

because I cannot just let things go
because I cannot just mark time 
because I am incapable of just waiting
I called our in-house insurance coordinator
I sicc'd him on Aetna
I do believe
 by this afternoon
 our local pharmacy 
will have the meds ready to be picked up

you sat through all that 
I thank you
 I thank you
 for wading through all my angst
you deserve a really good photo as a reward
here you go