warning rant ahead

when I noticed my watch stopped
I should have known it was going to be one of those days
those days? you ask
those days you realize too late you should have pulled the cover up over your head 
those days you realize you'd be better off not getting out of bed

but I did

standing waiting for the subway I glanced at my watch


I left the house at 6:55 so how could it be 6:45 
Oh look
 the second hand is not moving 
the battery needs replacing


Long story 
short version
disclaimer: short for me may not be short for anyone else
 I was following up 
on a mail order drug shipment
an order replacing 
an order already lost

Aetna HomeRX seems to believe 
when a shipment leaves their facility
 their responsibility ends 
I suspect their lawyers know better

I did what they told me 
contacted UPS
who told me
needed to contact them

I asked the UPS agent if he knew what a Mobius Strip was
he didnt
I explained
 its like an infinity sign
 I am trapped in it 
getting no where
he apologized
he instituted a trace

because I cannot just let things go
because I cannot just mark time 
because I am incapable of just waiting
I called our in-house insurance coordinator
I sicc'd him on Aetna
I do believe
 by this afternoon
 our local pharmacy 
will have the meds ready to be picked up

you sat through all that 
I thank you
 I thank you
 for wading through all my angst
you deserve a really good photo as a reward
here you go


  1. rant on - I do understand - we've been trapped for months dealing with doctors and everything associated. Hope your medicines are ready and waiting for you at the end of the day. It's the squeaky wheel that gets the most response you know:)
    Beautiful peonies!
    Wishing you better days this week!

  2. thank you!! your rant could be posted on my blog because last week ran the rant way each day!! different situations, but basically the same - I love the mobius strip analogy! I didn't know what it was either, but I think it's the best description I've heard to describe falling down the rabbit hole and not being able to get back out!! know you are not alone! the flowers are lovely!! xo

  3. Good for you! I don't let things go, either. Buncha assholes...

  4. I saw the word rant and jumped right over here LOL

    I was just recently "coerced" into mail order pharmacy. Your post so accurately describes my experience, it's like you have been living in my house. Sure hope you get the meds this afternoon and I don't do waiting well either!

    Thank you for the lovely flowers!!

  5. Ahhhh, the reward made me go ahhhhh. Sorry for your angst. My husband does mail order on a couple of prescrips too. So far so good, but we don't have Aetna.

  6. And what a beautiful photograph this is!
    Yup, shoulda stayed in bed, but then again, nothing would have gotten done.
    Tomorrow's gotta be a better day for you!

  7. Daryl, Hope you get everything sorted out! We haven't had to mail order our drugs. The local pharmacy is close by and they have great people there! Afraid I'd be in trouble without my meds!
    Hope the rest of your day was better.
    It's very rainy here today. That's okay, cause we haven't had any for awhile!

  8. Daryl, PS: I love this flower shot! But I don't recognize the flower! It's very pretty!

  9. What an ordeal. I confess the Mobious Strip is a new term for me, but after looking it up what a perfect way to describe your shituation.

    Hope the medicine showed up. And if it didn't I will be looking for the mushroom cloud due North of here.

  10. Sorry for that situation! And the peonies are beautiful! I'm sure my mother has that particular one....or one quite similar...in her expansive peony garden.

  11. It's a great photo, but what a drag about the home delivery. Had that happen to a friend, and she spent hours on the phone, then sic'd her husband on them. Sad thing was she needed the meds badly for her heart. Once they ship them out, it's like they don't care anymore.

  12. You delivered ... a beautiful flower.. as promised..
    now Aetna needs to get with the program and comply.

    a good rant often helps clear the air..

    tomorrow will be better... for sure !!

  13. I applaud your tenacity... I had getting caught in that vortex of 'It's not my job.' What ever happened to the customer is king? Lovely photo too!

  14. This is an awesome photo! Beautiful flower!! Now...about your day...ugh. I hate days like that. We all have them. I think most of them have something to do with insurance. In particular, health insurance. I went round and round with my insurance company last year about this medication that they were charging me three THOUSAND dollars for...and it was NOT the correct medication. I was sick over it. It took months and months to end it. They are always changing things around. I sure do hope you got the correct medicine!!

  15. they should know there is more than one way to be "Darylized". ;D

  16. ARGHHH. But the photo reward is beautiful!

  17. Life gets just too stressful at times, taking time out to enjoy the beautiful blossoms is the best medicine of all.

  18. This does remind me that I have never worn a watch since I quit work nearly three years ago now! and I don't miss it:)

    Every single thing about getting proper health care can be incredibly frustrating! No wonder so many people just don't bother....

  19. Your photograph is beautiful, & well worth the angst. Thanks.

  20. And that is why I don't do mail order pharmacy. Plus both Heather and I have small town pharmacists in our families.

  21. Argh! This is why I stick with my local pharmacy... don't know what I'd do if I HAD to go mail order!

    Love that photo!

  22. Not only a gorgeous image Daryl, but a new 'thingy'..I had never heard of a 'Mobius Strip' before, loooooove learning something new every day.


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