walk in the park

it was such a lovely weekend
 perfect walk in the park
 have an ice cream
 sit under a tree 

After Sandy coaxed my tresses to behave
 Toonman and I 
(with BIG camera in hand)
 walked up to 90th Street 
to check on the Community Gardens 
 back down the Promenade
 it was early
nice days
dog walkers, 
people with baby carriages
 lots of kids 
we like it when its least congested

I hope
all the mothers had a lovely day
not being a mother
 I didnt expect anything 
I was surprised when
Rose & Jack
 got me 
Olloclip lens 
for my iPhone!
so far 
I've only played with it indoors
it doesnt fit over the hard case I have
being a klutz
 I am not trusting 
I can carry it 
without any protection 
not drop it 

thanks for stopping by
 without you its just not as much fun