these two 
are waiting 
hoping to be adopted 
a pet shop in Manayunk, 
outside Philly,
 works with
 the local shelter
 to get cats and dogs adopted
  these two 
were in the window 
opposite a window 
 I featured
sharing with


  1. Oh, they're so cute. When I was little I dreamed of taking in every stray dog and cat in the world. Now I have two and it's all I can afford. That breaks my heart. Hope these two get adopted!

  2. They are adorable... I want to take them both in! Wonder how Maddox would deal with that? (I know Hubby would throw a fit..)

  3. happiness is your photo of warm puppies!

    Warm Aloha from Honolulu
    Comfort Spiral

    > < } } (°>

  4. Happiness is definitely a warm puppy. These are precious!

  5. That's the place where I found George's squeaky toy! I love how you save stuff up like this.

  6. They look a little sad.... waiting for adoption
    or their next treat... hope they were adopted quickly !!

  7. To quote Marisa Tomei in My Cousin Vinny - "you blend." I almost couldn't tell where the dogs ended and the dog bed began.

  8. two sweet little fur babies...hoping someone adopted them and gave them furever homes...

  9. good on the shop for helping

    North Shore Animal League is staying open for all weekend for an adopt-a-thon

    I wish I had a place for all of them

  10. Oh I do hope they find a good home Daryl, love the kitty picture..cat's are the most luxurious creatures ever!!

  11. Daryl, what pretty little guys! I wish I had a huge spread of land. Then I would adopt every dog I could and let them all run free and have no worries about where they were going to get their next meal, or if anyone was going to love them!

  12. I hope they soon find their forever homes!

  13. They are adorable.
    I sure hope they find good homes.
    Happy Sunday to you!

  14. OMD I hope they get adopted 'specially that bigger one b/c I know how it feels when so many humans walk by you to the pups b/c you are the 'big one'.

  15. Too cute. I hope they now have happy homes.


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